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10 Stylish Fitness Tracker Accessories

10 Stylish Fitness Tracker Accessories

Fitness trackers have come a long way since the days we strapped pedometers on our hips. Now it’s easier than ever to incorporate elements of your fitness routine into your everyday lifestyle and fashion game.

Investing in a stylish and effective tracking accessories is a fool-proof way of making sure you’re on top of your goals,

whether it’s knowing if you’re getting enough sleep or having your own personal cheerleader as you’re training for your next big race.


fitness tracker accessories

Mira Smart Bracelet

The Mira Smart Bracelet ($99) aims to be your own discrete personal trainer. Although it’ll look like you just scored a new bracelet during your last shopping outing, the Mira will be working all day long to crunch data on the amount of steps you take, the time of day you’re most likely to have more energy, and daily estimates of your calories burned.


fitness tracker accessories


If you love opting for Yoga or Pilates over a morning run, the Bellabeat ($150) will be your next obsession. In addition to helping you track the amount of calories you’ve burned, the Bellabeat keeps tabs on your mental and emotional health with features that show you valuable information on your menstrual cycle, mindfulness, and sleep patterns.

Pair this up with their Classic Rose Gold Chain ($20) or wear it as a beautiful statement pin on your jean pocket, collar, or sleeve.


fitness tracker accessories

Garmin Vivosmart HR+

If your cardio game is strong AF, you’re going to need a tracker that can keep up with your hectic routine. The Garmin Vivosmart HR ($150) saves data on the intensity levels of your workouts, letting you know when you’ve finally reached your goals. It also includes built-in music control, all the functions of a heart-rate monitor, and touch screen capabilities for receiving phone and text notifications.


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The Oura Ring ($300) is as sleek and stylish as it is effective at analyzing the everyday factors that can affect your health. If you’re trying to regulate your sleep patterns to be more alert at your Monday morning meeting or sneak in extra cardio throughout the day, this accessory is for you. This handy ring keeps track of when you take the stairs or walk your dog and also creates personalized recommendations on which of your daily activities benefit your health.


fitness tracker accessories

Fitbit Alta

The Alta ($130) is the newest member of the Fitbit family and we’ve been excited about it since it made its debut during New York Fashion Week. Although it does come equipped with a longer battery life (up to five days) and phone and text alerts, some of the best features include Automatic Exercise Recognition and useful alerts that remind you to get up and walk when you’ve been sitting a little too long.


fitness tracker accessories

The Caeden Sona

Life can be pretty stressful sometimes. The Sona ($149, originally $200) from Caeden is available for preorder now and you won’t want to hold off on ordering it anytime soon. Made with long-lasting real leather and equipped with four days of battery life, this bracelet connects you with five different Guided Resonance Meditation session options and will save progress and information based on your calmness, relaxation, and mindfulness.


fitness tracker accessories

Polar Loop 2

When you’re trying your best to work out and eat healthy, you might need some insight into what’s working for you and what aspects of your routine you should be switching up. The Polar Loop 2 ($120) lets you know exactly how many calories you burned throughout your workout (perhaps motivating you to keep up with those morning runs) and can be customized and synced with the H7 Heart Sensor ($80) for instant feedback and guidance through its Smart Coaching features.


fitness tracker accessories

Misfit Link Activity Tracker

Misfit’s Link ($20, originally $25) is an activity monitor and smart button that packs a punch with its multifunctional design. It allows you to not only keep track of the calories you burned on your hike but also helps you find your lost phone during the morning rush. Just attach to your sneaker, waistband, or sleeve and you’re good to go. When you’re off duty from the gym, you can also use the Link as a slide advancer during big presentations and can sync it to your phone to become a handy photo taker.


fitness tracker accessories

Wisewear Duchess

The Wisewear Duchess($345) will be the only piece of techwear you’ll ever need. In addition to being equipped with all the basic fitness tracking capabilities you’ll make great use out of at the gym, this gorgeous gold bangle can be customized to send out distress alerts to family members or the nearest police station should you ever find yourself in danger.


fitness tracker accessories

TomTom Spark Cardio + Music

The best part of your workout? Getting lost in some great music. The TomTom Spark Cardio + Music GPS Fitness Watch ($200, originally $250) lets you keep all your favorite workout anthems in one place (up to 500 songs!). You can even go up to three weeks without charging it — which will come in handy considering it comes with 24/7 activity monitoring.

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