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4 Simple Things That You Should Do For Fat Loss! #TipTuesday

4 Simple Things That You Should Do For Fat Loss! #TipTuesday

1. Eat enough food
It can be a common belief that you need to cut down the amount of food you eat when you are trying to lose fat, but this only makes your body play catch up. You don’t need to restrict the amount of calories, you just need to be eating the right kind of foods that provide you with that long lasting energy your body requires to function. This can be achieved by eating more proteins and vegetables and by avoiding foods that are high in sodium and sugar.

2. Don’t over do the exercise
You reach your current weight overnight, so why should it be gone overnight? If you over do the exercise straight away the only results you are going to achieve are injuries and exhaustion.
Like everything in life, you need to find balance. Search for some workout that you like, and take it slow. When your body gets used to it, then it’s time to alter your exercise.


3. Be consistent and patient
Training super hard for one week, one month, or even 6 months, is not enough. Don’t go 200% for a little bit and crash and burn. You need to change your lifestyle and stick with it. Just find a realistic way for you to balance your life, eating well and exercising. Start it slow and then push yourself harder and harder.

4. Go to the gym to work out
If you are at the gym, exercise! Being there doesn’t mean you are getting healthier or thinner. You need to do something in order to get some results. So focus!