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5 Fitness Myths You Should Forget!

5 Fitness Myths You Should Forget!

Throughout history, people have always made up myths. Even with fitness, it’s no different. We don’t want you to waste your breath and your time on these myths, instead concentrate on the ones that are true (and therefore, are no myths like: drink a lot of water!). Here are 5 common myths, that you should forget.

1. If you’re not half dead after a workout, it wasn’t a good one.

WRONG! You should listen to your body in order to have a good workout. Sweating and deep breathing are part of a good workout, but the point where your muscles are aching or you can’t breath anymore is the moment you should stop.

2. You can eat unhealthy things, as long as you work out.

It’s very simple: if you want to be healthy, then you should only eat healthy stuff. If you want to lose weight, in addition to eating healthy, you should watch your calories. Calories are the number 1 reason to gaining weight. So work out, eat healthy and watch those calories. It’s the most simple way to lose weight. And if you do it right, you can have that chocolate bar you want so bad once in a while…

3. Stretching before your workout is the key to not getting an injury.

It’s a good thing to warm up your muscles if your stretch before a workout, but it will not prevent an injury. Doing it after a workout, on the contrary, does prevent it. Many people confuse a pre-workout stretching session with a warm-up. Warming-up your muscles will prepare your body for a good workout, so keep that stretching for after the sweating!

4. You’ve gained weight on the scale, so this means you’re making no progress in losing weight.

This is absolutely NOT true! Gaining a pound or two on the scale, does not mean you are gaining fat. In fact, if you are eating healthy and working out the right way, this “gained weight” are actually “gained lean muscles” that still consist out of a huge amount of water, not fat! The more you work out, the firmer your muscles will become and eventually you will lose that water, and weight.

5. If women lift weights, they will look bulky.

Unless the woman is on steroids, there is no chance she will end up as The Hulk. In order to become bulky, what a lot of men want, you need the same amount of testosterone men have. Women have 20-30 times less testosterone, which means they will look 20-30 times less bulky then men. So grab those weights, ladies, and behold yourself losing extra weight!