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5 Movies Which Required Actors to Be in Shape

Chris Patt body transformation

Most of the movies are not based on reality. However, the actors working in them have to really put in their best effort, in order to make it look real. The characters in the movie may require the actors to transform their look. People watching the movie, get curious to see a guy who was not that big become big for a new role. Some start believing that he was on steroids but this is not the case. There are months of hardwork and exercise. The diet they consume to get the desired shape is rich in calories and proteins. Here we will discuss 5 such movies for which the actors have to work so hard to get the perfect shape for the role.

Ali (2001)

Will Smith is known for his jolly personality and when he played the greatest boxer of all time, Late Muhammad Ali, he spent 6 hours a day at his gym. Besides working on strength, he also worked to polish his boxing skills. It took more than a year to get there. You may not those attractive cuts on his body but to portray the legendary boxer, he gained weight and worked on his shoulders and arms.

Fight Club (1999)

Even after almost 2 decades, Brad Pitt’s role in Fight Club is being acknowledged by many men because of his terrific transformation. Brad had to bring down the body fat percentage to 5 for the role. It was not achieved in a single day. He had to sacrifice his diet, sleep and kill hours in a gym. The attractive torsos are still craved by many women.

Thor (2011)

Chris Hemsworth was not out of shape before but his weight was less than what the character of the movie demanded. He was playing a superhero so he had to look like one. For Thor, he was asked to put on weight and for that reason, he ate a lot more than usual. When he was not working out, he slept and the result, later on, was a surprising one. His chest, abs, and biceps tell the whole story behind his intensified hard work and high in protein diet.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Chris Patt, most people remember him as an obese guy. For his role as Peter Quill, in the blockbuster movie Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris lost 27 kilograms of weight in 6 months. His transformation may surprise you but there is no denying how hot he looked after the transformation.

Hercules (2014)

Dwayne The Rock Johnson aka The Rock, as we all know is also a pro wrestler had to gain more weight for the role of the mighty Hercules. The most electrifying man in all the sports entertainment The Rock worked on his chest, biceps, wings, thighs, and abs to get in the ideal shape of the Greek superhero Hercules.

These are 5 movies where the actors had to really work hard to get the desired shape which most people crave for. There may be other movies too but the results in these movies are the best you would see elsewhere.

Leah Frankfurter
Capricorn, a happy yogist who writes to inspire people of all shapes and sizes to connect to their body daily.