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5 questions you should ask yourself

5 questions you should ask yourself

Having a sense of awareness about what you’re eating is the first step to get a healthier life, and one of the most efficient ways to get this awareness is making a daily diary to track what you are eating.

Nowadays there are a lot of apps that you can download in your phone to maintain a consistency habit of writing it down.

But you need to work with the information that you have! So these are some questions that you should ask yourself everyday after analyzing what you eat during the day:

  1. Am I eating too much food? – Try to eat 80% of what you usually eat. That will make a huge difference.

  1. Am I eating enough protein? – Your protein intake determines whether you’re going to lose body fat or lean muscle. Remembering that men should eat about 2 palm-sized portions and women should eat about 1 palm-sized portion.

  1. Am I eating too much sugars or starches? – These two are the big villains. Try to get rid of them, and if you can’t try to minimize them!

  1. Am I eating enough vegetables?- Try replacing your grains with greens, you’ll still feel satisfied at the end of a meal while also increasing your intake of fiber and other important vitamins/minerals. For fat loss, men should eat about 1 cup while women should eat about ½ cup.

  1. Am I eating healthy fats?- Highly processed fats, often found in processed foods, can ruin your health and lead to fat gain. However, a healthy mix of other naturally occurring fats is important for fat loss. Choose from sources like olive oil, avocados, raw nuts (not roasted), raw seeds, and omega-3 rich fish oils.

Transform this in a habit and you will definitely see a big difference in your life.

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