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6 Equipment-Free Workouts for Holiday Travel

6 Equipment-Free Workouts for Holiday Travel

All the traveling, eating, socializing, relaxing and general festivities of the holidays can take a real toll on the body. If you’re not keeping up with at least some semblance of daily physical activity, your mental and physical health can steadily begin to suffer. But, if you’re traveling away from your home gym/yoga studio/CrossFit box/town pool/dojo, you may need a little inspiration to keep up your fitness. Whether you are with your in-laws, in a hotel, in a tent or simply can’t get out of your house, here are 6 equipment-free workouts you can easily do when you need to exercise your wonderful body during holiday travel.

Yoga. You can fit a few sun salutations in absolutely anywhere, even if you don’t have a mat. YouTube is rife with plenty of  free yoga classes, and many of them are pretty good, so just set up your device, fold up a towel nearby and enjoy your practice. Hey, it may not be perfect or ideal, but isn’t that kind of the point of practicing yoga? Accept yourself (and your situation) as you are.


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Pilates. For those who don’t love yoga, pilates can be a bit more core-intense but also requires virtually no equipment. Try some 100s, single-leg circles, teaser, saw and mermaid, or check out the Daily Burn for demonstrations of these moves. Naturally, it’s easy to find free beginner pilates workouts on YouTube, so that’s a great place to start if you want to give pilates a try while you’re traveling.

Running/walking/hiking. Prefer to workout outside? Well, I can’t guarantee that the weather will be friendly, but nothing else should stop you from taking a morning jog, wherever you are. If you’re like me and aren’t much of a runner, try a gentle 45 minute walk or a nearby hike in nature. No one said your holiday workouts have to be super intense. Just get your body moving and enjoy yourself.

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Dance. Find a quiet room, lock the door, plug in your headphones and just let yourself jam out for 20 minutes. I promise, it won’t feel like exercise, but you’ll definitely get a killer workout. And I am 99 percent certain you’ll leave the room smiling when you’re done.

CrossFit. If you’re an avid CrossFitter, you may feel a little lost without your “box.” But fear not! There are plenty of CrossFit workouts that require absolutely no equipment. Check out this guide, complete with 92 equipment-free CrossFit workouts that are sure to help you stay fit and make you feel at home.


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Utilize your bodyweight. You can do the same moves you do at the gym without weights. Just do them a little more slowly and add more reps. If you don’t normally use weights at the gym, some great exercises to include in your bodyweight practice include planks, push-ups, glute bridges, squats, burpees, toe-touches and the whole gamut of crunches/twists/sit-ups. Check out this great exercise glossary for guidance and visual references.

Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean it’s time to let your fitness fall by the wayside. Exercise increases happiness and reduces stress, two pillars of the holiday season. Amidst all the fun and traveling and festivities, you’ll feel a lot better come New Year’s if you move your body a little bit each day. It’s a gift to yourself. Happy Holidays!

Larissa Santos
Student. Incurable writer. Unapologetic Beach Lover!