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6 Mix, Hybrid Fitness Classes in New York City

6 Mix, Hybrid Fitness Classes in New York City

Yes, hybrid classes—where two completely different workouts are combined into one (usually) 55-minute session—are officially a thing. It’s no surprise that you can now get your treadmill run with a side of meditation, for example, considering that multitasking New Yorkers are always looking for ways to get the most out of their busy days.

From Holly Rilinger’s mindful HIIT workouts to buzzy new studio Box + Flow’s boxing-yoga pairings, these 2-in-1 classes give you more bang—and pulsing, and jabbing, and stretching—for your buck.

Scroll down to see 6 hybrid fitness classes in New York City to try now.


hybrid fitness classes in New York City


With its sliding scale for pricing, this yoga-meets-barre studio’s main mission is to empower everyone to get sweaty. And while it hosts both individual yoga and barre options, its namesake class, split almost 50/50 between the two, is hands-down the most popular. Really looking to multitask? This Williamsburg studio also has an Ayurvedic cafe and sessions with reiki and meditation experts, so you could check off all of your healthy needs in one afternoon.

hybrid fitness classes in New York City

Namaste Sweating at Mile High Run Club

While MHRC is known for its lengthy training sessions on the treadmill, it now has a special Namaste Sweating class, which caps off a long running session with a body—and mind—calming meditation.

hybrid fitness classes in New York City

Box + Flow

For years, Olivia Young would wake up early to box before completing a rejuvenating yoga flow on her own. She found the combo so energizing, she decided to turn her personal fitness experience into a full-fledged studio. Box + Flow‘s signature 50-minute class leads 40 minutes of boxing combos, followed by a relaxing yoga sequence.

hybrid fitness classes in New York City

Pedal Fusion at ChaiseFitness

The latest offering from the innovative studio combines the power of tricked-out Pilates chairs with fast-paced cardio cycling, with a class split 50/50 on each. Although offered only at its FiDi location currently, a rep tells Well+Good that demand has been so high that it could definitely expand to more ChaiseFitness spots down the line.

hybrid fitness classes in New York City

Holly Rilinger’s Lifted at Bandier

Bravo star, spinning legend, and all-around badass Holly Rilinger started Lifted at Bandier’s Studio B to help work out the mind, body, and spirit. This class kicks off with a five-minute guided meditation before launching into a high-intensity circuit training-style workout using both dumbbells and bodyweight.

hybrid fitness classes in New York City

Flex Classes at Flex Studios

Can’t decide whether you want to take a Pilates, barre, or TRX class at Flex? You don’t have to: the multi-location studio leads a Pilates/barre mash-up and even a supercharged 90-minute class that incorporates Pilates, barre, and TRX—hello, triple-header!


Leah Frankfurter
Capricorn, a happy yogist who writes to inspire people of all shapes and sizes to connect to their body daily.