Amp Up Your Ab Workouts with Gliders!

Amp Up Your Ab Workouts with Gliders!

Have you ever tried user gliders to amp up lower body and ab workouts? We are still sore from doing glider lunges and plank jacks!

Gliders are a great addition to your workout routine because they force you to exercise total control over your movements. It’s a burning trifecta that challenges your strength, balance, and flexibility. It also encourages total use of core stabilizers and joint flexibility, while still being low impact for those who don’t want to be rough on their joints.

Add some extra sizzle to a typical ab routine by using the gliders. Amazon has some affordable options, including a set from Gold’s Gym that can be used on carpeted floors or hardwood floors (each side of the glider has a different fabric) or the classic Gliding Disks. If you don’t want to pay for the disks, you can DIY with paper plates on hardwood floors, or any sort of material that would easily glide (glossy magazine covers sometimes work).

Here’s a simple ab circuit to get you started from SkinnyMom:

Sliding Ab Crossover


In a plank position, tighten the core and slide your right left beneath your body toward your left elbow. Repeat on the other side, 15 per side.

Sliding Mountain Climber

Mountain climbers are already killer, but add in the glide and you will really be working your abs! Slide side to side for 1 minute.

Sliding Pike

Piking is a great move to tone lower abs. Start in plank position and slide into an upside down “V” shape; then push your legs back out so you finish in your starting position. Repeat 15 times.

Plank Jacks


Plank jacks will add a boost of cardio to the end of the circuit. Start in a plank position on your elbows with your feet hip width apart. Slide your feet out and then back into starting position for 1 minute. We promise you will feel it!

These gliders is are small and portable, meaning you can easily bring them along if you are traveling or do a circuit at home — so there is no excuse to skip your ab workout!