Best Boxing Classes in NYC- ShadowBox

Best Boxing Classes in NYC- ShadowBox

This week’s NYC studio spotlight highlights the best boxing classes in NYC. ShadowBox, a Flatiron boutique, helped ignite New York City’s boxing trend. The 45 minute class takes place in a dimply lit studio with pounding music. Despite that intensity, the remaining space emphasizes natural light and maintains a pristine, spa-quality locker room. The beverage bar, with teas and juices, also adds to this boutique flare. Its fast bar and slow bar options help you get your fix before or after your workout.

Classes switch between cardio, boxing techniques and stretching. The classes have no physical contact, but instead use the footwork, punches and overall movement of boxing to fuel the class. “Shadowboxing” means pretending there’s an opponent for training purposes. So, the classes act as a challenging, emotional and hardcore sport training to let out any stress, frustration or boredom.

Like SoulCycle, people can “book a bag” online to pick an exact spot for the 45 minute class. You can also explore instructor profiles, which indicate the individual’s emphasis on boxing technique, rhythm, core and overall intensity. As for equipment, gloves are available to rent for $1 (but you have to purchase $3, which you can keep for the future). Of course, Shadowbox also sells gear like wraps, gloves and clothing. The daily class can burn between 800-1,000 calories in 45 minutes. Talk about a good workout.





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