Best Breakfast Before a Workout, According to Biology

Best Breakfast Before a Workout, According to Biology

Eggs. Not with toast. Not with fruit. Eggs.

The body uses three things to metabolize energy: protein, fat and carbohydrates. Carbs are the easiest, and therefore the first, to metabolize followed by fats, then proteins. So if you avoid carbs before you go to the gym, your body has to turn to fat as its next best option. Therefore, you can immediately target your body fat during your workouts just by deciding what to eat beforehand. So for the most effective results, the best breakfast before a workout is simply eggs.



Avoid all carbs, both in sugar and bread, before your workout. Instead, the protein from the eggs will keep your stomach from aching while fueling your workout. If you can’t settle for plain, scrambled eggs, here are a couple of ideas of eggs paired with low carb foods:

  • eggs with fresh herbs, like parsley
  • a poached egg over sautéed spinach
  • baked eggs in avocado ( try topping it with cilantro)
  • eggs with roasted tomatoes, rather than ketchup
  • an omelet with broccoli, peppers, and scallions

best pre workout breakfast
Don’t forget to drink water to prevent dehydration. What else do you pair your eggs with for the most effective pre workout breakfast?

Jacqueline Till
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