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Best Fat Burning Workouts

Best Fat Burning Workouts

Not all workouts are created equal. Some workouts are designed to tone your muscles, some are designed to torch calories, and some are designed to be fat burning workouts. For many, working out is a way to get rid of excess fat, and the best way to do that is to target your workout in order to optimize this process. These fat burning workouts will help maximize your time at the gym while getting you the fat burning results you’ve been waiting for.

Weight Lifting

Lifting weights is a great way to get low impact, high resistance activity built into your workout regimen. Because weight lifting targets muscle usage, the metabolism is revved up for hours after your weight workout is done, meaning that you get an after-burn of calories for multiple hours post-workout. In comparison to cardio, which has little after-burn, weight lifting is an excellent fat burning workout because you are toning your muscles while improving the speed of your metabolism.


HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is one of the newest fat burning workouts that has taken the athletic community by storm. HIIT combines weight lifting with intense bouts of cardio, meaning that not only are you burning calories during the workout, but the weight lifting will help keep your metabolism running quickly for hours after the HIIT is done. Activities such as plyometrics (think: jump squats, jump lunges, burpees) are combined with weight lifting (think: bicep curls, single-leg deadlifts) to bring you one of the best fat burning workouts you can find.


Similar to HIIT, Tabata workouts involve doing challenging exercises for four minutes at a time. The general format is this: start with an exercise in your comfort zone (i.e. a cardio machine for most), then alternate with weight-lifting and cardio movements that are increasingly challenging for you, perhaps ending with a tough plymetrics set or some heavy shoulder-presses.


Kettlebells, the semi-archaic looking ball-weights with a handle, are actually providing us with some of the most revolutionary fat burning workouts around. Using correct form – a tight core and strong back – kettlebells can help you torch fat with a few simple movements. Some of those movements include shoulder presses, kettlebell swings between the legs, and deadlifts. Luckily, kettlebells also make for an inexpensive home workout thanks to their low price (often lower than $20) and small space efficiency!



While fat burning workouts are amazing and rewarding, it is important to remember that workouts are only half of the battle when it comes to torching fat. Things like a balanced diet, good nutrition, and motivation will only help you along with your fat burning workouts. Make sure you fully understand what a good diet consists of (balanced meals with lots of fruits and veggies!) and that you have a great support system in place as you head into your weight loss journey!

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