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Best Free Online Yoga Classes

Best Free Online Yoga Classes

Yoga is an amazing way to tone your mind and body. Yoga teaches you to calm your mind while working your core, legs, and upper body. However, getting to a yoga studio on a regular basis can pose some problems. For starters, it is expensive (we dare you to find a drop-in class for less than $15!), often requires a decent drive, and requires that you work your schedule around the studio’s. Forget the studio, these best free online yoga classes allow you to practice yoga on your schedule, all while keeping your wallet happy. From beginner to advanced, these awesome videos will change the way you view yoga!

Karena and Katrina

Karena and Katrina are the founders of Tone It Up, a female-empowering fitness community that even had its own show on Bravo! TV. Although Karena and Katrina are often thought of as being workout gurus, they offer a wide variety of some incredible best free online yoga classes. Most of their classes are under a half hour, making it easy to work into even the busiest of schedules. Karena is a triathlete and sports model, and uses her passion for triathlon to inspire other women to take on challenges that they might not otherwise. Katrina used exercise methodology to help lose weight and become the amazing trainer she is today. These two ladies have combined to create some of the best free online yoga classes, now available on YouTube under the “Tone It Up!” channel.

Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful has created some of the best free online yoga classes and preaches a doctrine of appreciating all that life has to offer. Boho Beautiful was started by Juliana Semenova, who hails from Ukraine, but has built her business in Vancouver. Semenova combines aspects of her childhood passion as a rhythmic gymnast with her love of fitness and yoga. Semenova respects that everyone is different, as well as their fitness goals. She tries to provide both traditional yoga classes as well as some mixed classes that combine yoga, pilates, and other fitness movements. Check out these best free online yoga classes at the YouTube channel, Boho Beautiful.

Do Yoga with Me

Do Yoga with Me is the ultimate destination for those seeking some of the best free online yoga classes. The site itself survives on donations (so if you love what you see, throw them some yoga-love!) and offers hundreds of streaming yoga videos, all totally free. There are videos for those just getting into yoga and for those who have been practicing for years. You can even comment and engage with other Do Yoga with Me users to start building your own yoga community.

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