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The best Manhattan areas to run that AREN’T Central Park

The best Manhattan areas to run that AREN’T Central Park

When you live in the big city, running can be a perfect way to escape the daily stress. And what better place is there in NYC than Central Park to do so? Yes, Central Park is probably the most beloved and popular park in New York to run. But there are many other places where you can sweat it out and enjoy the beauty of the city! Here are our 5 favorite places in Manhattan to run (besides Central Park!).

1. The East River Promenade Run

This running route takes you along the East River all along the Upper East Side until East Harlem. The route is 6.68 miles long, which could be your perfect Sunday workout! Especially in the summer, this route might cool you off a little bit with the river’s breeze!


2. The Hudson River Park

If you’re willing to run more than 120 blocks, The Hudson River Park running route is perfect for you. Run all along the Hudson River starting from 59th street until 181st street. You’ll have a beautiful view of the river and you’ll even be able to see New Jersey on the other side of it! Bonus: there are plenty of public restrooms and water fountains on the running route.


3. Soundview Park

Enjoy the view of the Bronx River when running the 1.5 miles route in Soundview Park!


4. The Highline Park

If you like to run on higher grounds, try The Highline Park! You’ll get an amazing view on downtown New York. The Highline Park is one of New York’s most loved parks (besides Central Park), a must-do!


5. Van Cortlandt Park

Van Cortlandt Park is the third biggest park in NYC, located in the northwest of the Bronx., with more than a thousand acres! After your running session, you can relax at the park’s freshwater lake (which is the biggest in New York City!) which will give you an amazing view.



What is your favorite place to run in NYC? Have you tried out one of our suggestions yet? Let us know in a comment below!