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Best outdoor workout in NYC: Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp!

Best outdoor workout in NYC: Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp!

Interested in getting in shape, but not the indoor-gym type? Join a courageous group of both men and women who are working towards similar physical and mental goals at the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp. According to the website and founder Ariane Hundt, this outdoor training, started in 2008, incorporates your own body weight, the bridge structures, benches and a special type of resistance band to bring results like you’ve never before seen. Each one-hour session burns up to 800 calories, toning participants arms and abs, slenderizing their hips and thighs, and lifting their butt. Participants have seen success in as little as 5 sessions!


As stated in the website’s Trainers section, Ariane has turned Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp into “New York City’s toughest workout.” Vogue Magazine featured this Boot Camp as “(the) Best Winter Outdoor Workout,” Self Magazine called it “The Top 33 Hottest New Workouts in the US,” and Lucky Magazine called it “Best Bikini Boot Camp.” Needless to say, although it might be cold this time of year in the Big Apple, maybe that Miami getaway isn’t as much of an afterthought as you intended.


Not a fan of being outdoors in NYC winter weather? Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp has you covered. In addition to the outdoor classes, they also offer an Indoor Boot Camp, “Slim & Strong,” a 4-week fat loss program to help give you a kick start towards your ideal body. In addition to this killer workout, the Boot Camp creators also offers Nutrition Workouts, retreats outside of NYC, and a Detox Program. For more information and to schedule your Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp training today, visit their website at brooklynbridgebootcamp.com. We promise you won’t regret it!