Best Reflective Running Apparel

Best Reflective Running Apparel

Whether you are running in warm weather or cold, safety should always be your number one priority. Runners are especially vulnerable when it comes to being struck by a distracted driver, and these chances only increase when it is dark out. This list of best reflective running apparel serves both the early morning and the late evening runner well. After all, there is no such thing as being too reflective on your run!

Nike Flash

The Nike Flash collection, which was released at the end of 2015, revolutionized the way runners look at reflective gear. Instead of the traditional bright yellow and/or silver vests we were all previously used to, Nike Flash changed things up a bit with intensely reflective hues of red, grey, purple, and olive. With different pieces like a hoodie, down vest, zip ups, and leggings, the Nike Flash series nearly takes the cake for granting us some of the best reflective running apparel currently available. The best part? Every piece is super stylish, so your running mojo won’t be weighed down by gaudy reflectivity!

New Balance

The New Balance beacon vest is a lightweight running shell that features stripes and dots of bold reflectivity to ensure that you will be noticed in all the right ways. The vest is meant as the outermost layer of your running clothing and features its reflective graphics on both the front and the back of the vest. Another cool facet of this vest that places it on our best reflective running apparel list is that many of the stripes have been treated such that they glow in an electric blue hue when struck by light. This makes the vest (and you, the runner!) more noticeable than when the reflective hues are just silver alone.


The GoMotion Synergy Hydration Vest is similar to its Camelback counterparts, except the GoMotion is silver and can help put you safely in someone’s vision while out running. Likewise, the GoMotion vest has the capability of supporting an LED light when the buckle is fastened across your chest. This gives you ample lighting from behind and in the front, not to mention that the hydration vest is an excellent way to stay hydrated while running! The one liter size and safety features of the GoMotion Synergy Hydration Vest are what earned it a spot on the best reflective running apparel 2016 list!

Mountain Hardwear

 Mountain Hardwear takes the cake! Any runner out there knows that cold hands often result in a dismal run. No one likes to have their fingers frozen when your legs may be barely moving, too! These gloves provide intense reflectivity thanks to the silver dots on the back of the hand and the silver, highly reflective stitching used in between the fingers and on the palm of the glove.

Grab any of these best reflective running apparel pieces and run without fear! Every runner deserves to feel safe and stylish during a workout, and this apparel is guaranteed to help you along that journey. Happy running!

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