Best Workout Leggings: Color, Stretch AND Style!

Best Workout Leggings: Color, Stretch AND Style!

We are so tired of plain black (probably over-priced Lululemon) leggings. With summer upon us, it’s time to infuse some color into your workout wardrobe without compromising on performance and comfort. Here are our fave places to pick up stylish, stretchy leggings for your next session.


We are especially in love with the Kale performance legging — a constant reminder to actually eat the vegetable? We’ll take every reminder we can get. The fun prints can sometimes be a little wacky, but that’s what we love about it! They have textured, organic prints as well as more modern, abstract art-esque designs. Big bonus: these leggings are not only inspired by New York City, but they are also made in NYC as well! Take your workout gear local and check them out.


Started by a Brazilian family in São Paulo, Liquido designs are inspired by patterns from all over the world — Africa to coasts of Italy to Australian to the USA. Quickdying, sweatshop free, and super strechy, these leggings were made for the yogi on the go. Big bonus: Liquido is invested in the Africa Yoga Project, donating 10% sales from their Africa sunrise legging to the organization that aims to bring yoga teacher training, health education, and a route to empowerment to poor areas in Kenya.

Jala Clothing

We adore these stylish tye-dye leggings and other bold, organic patterns. Jala has an supreme eye for color, so the leggings never edge into that territory where it just looks like one huge mess of color. No, the color combos are thoughtful, bright, sometimes minimalist but never too over the top. Big Bonus: Jala is partnered with Yoga Gives Back, an organization dedicated to helping mothers in India start their own businesses and send their children to school.

Lululemon is SO last season — ditch that and pick up some of these fab, colorful leggings that also support local and worldwide communities in the process! Namaste!