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Best Workouts According to Season

Best Workouts According to Season

With September just around the corner, another season slips by too quickly. If you’re someone that enjoys all four season then your workouts can reflect that by taking advantage of what each season has to offer.


When the tourists begin to dwindle and the wind cools the city, summer seems distant. Suddenly, as your clothing layers build, you wonder why you resented the heat. Return to warmth with Bikram Yoga. Because it’s not as hot outside entering a room above 100 degrees does not seem as crazy. Then, unlike winter, when you leave the studio your body won’t go into total shock as you re-enter the natural temperature outside. By strengthening and meditation, you can release toxins and stress to bring you back to that summer state of mind.



New York City’s winters may be hard to look forward to: the weather is as cold as the gym lines are long. So instead of competing with New Year’s resolutions gym visitors, opt for the indoor pool. Swimming is a full body workout, not to mention enjoyable. Also, you will be forced to unplug from your iPhones and TVs, allowing some valuable personal time- which is perfect when the holiday season picks up.



The snow (usually) melts and color returns to bring the city back to life. What better way to enjoy the seasonal change than a bike ride? Begin training for 42 mile the Five Boro Bike Tour, which happens the first Sunday of every May, where the course is blocked off from transportation vehicles. The tour explains, “For one day, the roads are yours, the bridges are yours, the city is yours.” There’s even a private festival for participants at the end of the challenge.



In case you slipped a few times over the year and need to get toned for beach trips and vacations- try Pilates. Schedule classes in your calendar and stay committed by creating a routine. If it takes buying a few new outfits to motivate yourself, go for it. But if it’s too beautiful to be inside, join in on a game of beach volleyball, an underrated game and workout. See what your body can do and work for your ice cream!



Do you change your workout plans depending on the season? What other physical activities do you suggest based on this seasonal theme?

Jacqueline Till
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