Bestowed Food Box: Discover Healthy!

Bestowed Food Box: Discover Healthy!

Being healthy starts with some daily sweating and clean eating, okay we got that. But will all the different kinds of drinks and foods on the market (especially the so-called “healthy snacks”), how do we know which ones are really good for us? And of course we want to buy all the healthy stuff and try them all out because, you know, we want to be healthy! But on the other hand: healthy snacks for example are often quite expensive and we can’t all afford to spend a lot of money on healthy foods and drinks that we might not like after all.

That’s why Heather Bauer founded  BestowedBauer is known for her top-selling books The Wall Street Diet (2008) and Bread Is The Devil (2012) and she has been featured on Good Morning America, CNN, CBS, The Talk, Access Hollywood Live and The Tyra Banks Show. She’s come up with a simple and clever idea: a monthly subscription box where you’ll discover all the newest healthy food and drink samples to try out. Did you like something? Then you can purchase it full-sized on the website! You’ll get the benefit of trying out new, healthy goodies without spending a lot of money on it.

Last month’s Bestowed box consisted out of healthy sea salt caramel popcorn, almonds, fresh herb basil, organic chocolate milkshake, coconut oil and more! Check out the May box here.

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You can choose for a monthly subscription where you will be billed $19 each month. Do you rather just pay once a year? Then you can choose for the annual subscription for $209 a year.

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