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Bosu Ball Workouts

Bosu Ball Workouts

Who’s ready to try a new workout in this new year? We know we are! One of the best ways to train your core and leg muscles is through bosu ball workouts. A bosu ball is the semi-circle that has one side of flat plastic and one side of half of a workout ball. Many people feel intimidated or confused by bosu ball workouts, but we are here to guide you through some great beginner ones to help you tone your core and butt!

Sit-ups and Crunches

Sit-ups and crunches?! How is this new?! These are the questions you might be asking yourself. Bosu ball workouts often incorporate “standard” workout moves like sit-ups and crunches, but add a balancing element that works the finer muscles in your core, back, and legs to provide a better workout. For this movement, place the ball with the flat side down. Sit your bum right at the zenith of the ball, and either keep your legs bent at 90 degrees and feet off the ground, or put feet on the ground, and commence crunching! Do not extend your back further than 180 degrees. The goal is to work your core while balancing on the bosu ball.


Once again, this one of those bosu ball workouts that is based off a traditional move, but is enhanced with the bosu ball. Place the ball on the flat side and then place both feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed slightly outward, on the rounded side of the ball. Engage your core, glutes, and ankles as you lower into a squat. Maintain this engagement as you work to keep your balance and thrust your way up into standing position. For even more of a challenge, you can place just one foot at the zenith of the ball and commence one-legged squats. A super balance challenge!

Mountain Climbers

For those of you who hate plyometrics, I am sorry. However, plyometrics are an amazing way to combine cardio and strength training as well as improve recovery time. For these next two bosu ball workouts, place the ball rounded side down. Secure both hands on the grips at the sides of the flat side as you get into plank position. Using your core, chest, and back muscles, work as hard as you can to prevent upper body movement as you commence running in place, or, as we like to call them, mountain climbers.


One of the best bosu ball workouts is doing a plank and any plank modifications that you can think of! You can use either side of the ball for a plank movement, but we recommend keeping the flat side up. You can either do a simple plank by resting your forearms on the flat side and balancing, you can raise your game and put your feet up on a full-sized plyometrics ball as well as bracing yourself on a bosu ball, or, if you’re really ambitious, you can do staggered push-ups. Staggered push-ups are where you place one hand on the bosu ball and the other on the ground and complete a set of push-ups.

What are some bosu ball workouts that you love? Any creative ones we didn’t cover? Give us a shout!

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