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Calorie Burning Cold Weather Workouts

Calorie Burning Cold Weather Workouts

Although things have been unseasonably warm across the country lately, Mother Nature is sure to send an icy blast our way soon enough. Many people view the cold weather as time to hibernate, or the cold weather brings out those bummed feelings we may get when we realize we can’t head out for a jog in just shorts and a shirt. Cold weather is not a complete curse, however, and these cold weather workouts pack a huge calorie burn that is sure to keep you happy and healthy, despite the temperature.

Cross Country Skiing

While downhill skiing is undoubtedly fun, cross country skiing makes our cold weather workouts list because it helps you torch calories and fat in a way downhill skiing simply doesn’t do. Cross country skiing is harder than it looks, folks, so don’t be fooled. This wintry activity will work muscles you didn’t even know you had. Your glutes and hamstrings help propel you forward while your shoulders and back keep you stable and establish a rhythm. Don’t have skis? No problem. Many local state parks offer cross country ski rentals after the first snow.

Ice Skating

Even if you aren’t as adept at skating as some of the legends like Kristi Yamaguchi, you can still use ice skating as a great choice for one of your cold weather workouts. Whether you have a local rink or are lucky enough to have a safe pond to try, ice skating engages your calves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes to give you that glide around the rink. Plus, ice skating requires solid balancing skills, so you can bet that your core will be working hard to keep you upright as you burn those calories in one of the best cold weather workouts around!


While hiking is technically a year-round activity, hiking is especially high in calorie-burning abilities in the winter. Among the best cold weather workouts, hiking encourages your body to burn calories from movement and from keeping yourself warm. That is not to say that you shouldn’t dress to the weather, but when it is cooler out, your body begins burning excess calories and fat to keep the internal status quo. Find some local trails and head out with a friend – but don’t forget your hand warmers and a map!


If you’ve got snow, then you’ve got to try snowshoeing. Although it may be one of the more slow-going cold weather workouts, snowshoeing torches almost 650 calories an hour in some cases. Talk about earning your hot chocolate! Even if you do not have massive quantities of snow, snowshoeing requires intense core work and quad strength to lift your feet and balance the snowshoes. Once again, many local adventure recreation stores and state parks offer snowshoe rentals, so don’t let not owning a pair stop you!

What are some of your favorite cold weather workouts? Give us a shout in the comments!

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