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Celebrity Personal Trainers

Celebrity Personal Trainers

Celebrities lead enviable lives in many ways. Their fame, glamour, and often super toned bods have been subject to paparazzi and public scrutiny. However, these celebrity bodies are not shaped by magic nor do they happen overnight. There is a whole community of celebrity personal trainers who work with A-list celebrities to help them perfect their health and fitness routines.


DON-A-MATRIX TRAINING or, DMT, is one of the fastest growing training companies in the Los Angeles area. The most famous clients of DMT? None other than the Kardashian clan. Nearly all of the Kardashians have gushed about DMT. Kourtney Kardashian has been especially high in her praise of head trainer, Don Brooks, for getting her body back post-baby. The workout methods used by Brooks include high intensity movements that are all done in a short amount of time, to boost metabolism. Some favorite moves of Brooks include a plank that adds in cardio by opening and closing the legs through a scissor jump over the course of a minute or so. Don Brooks has also trained Fergie, which is how the Kardashians got word of his celebrity personal trainers and programs.

Rob Piela

Another one of the notable celebrity personal trainers of today, Rob Piela actually owns his own gym in New York City, Gotham Gym. Although Piela is among the best celebrity personal trainers, he likes to remind the public that fitness is important for everyone, and therefore he is here to help everyone, celebrity or not, reach their fitness goals. Supermodel Gigi Hadid swears by her workouts with Piela, who has Hadid participate in boxing-focused workouts each week. Piela runs Hadid through a series of cardio-focused activities like jumping jacks, and then core strengtheners like sit-ups and hip-raises, then finishes off with a hardcore boxing workout. Piela’s carefully thought out workouts make him one of the most sought after celebrity personal trainers for sure.

Anna Kaiser

One of the toughest celebrity personal trainers, Anna Kaiser is known for her company and workout videos by her brand, AKT InMotion. AKT stands for “Anna Kaiser Training.” Some of Kaiser’s celebrity clients include Kelly Ripa, Shakira, Sofia Vergara, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Kaiser comes from a dance background, but does have a degree in sports medicine. Kaiser got her career started as an elite trainer for Reebok, but quickly started her own business and snagged some high-profile clients. Her goal is to create a fun, purposeful workout that includes cross-training movements all pulled from HIIT workouts, dance classes, and yoga to make a workout that is right for each client!

Astrid McGuire

Astrid McGuire is one of the best celebrity personal trainers because she knows what it is like to be on the celebrity side of things. A former supermodel, McGuire knows what it is like to lead the crazy life of a celebrity who may not always have access to a gym or healthy food. Also a businesswoman, McGuire joined forces with Barry’s Bootcamp and is one of their most asked-for trainers. Some of McGuire’s famous clients include Julianne Hough and Jessica Alba, both of who have killer bods.

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