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ClassPass: The New Way to Workout

ClassPass: The New Way to Workout

With boutique, one workout type ‘gyms’ popping up all over the city (places such as CityRow, Bari and Flywheel), being a part of the latest fitness craze and testing out the latest weird and wonderful trends, can have some serious consequences for your personal budget. Well good news folks, now you can experience the latest boutique fitness trends without breaking the bank, with the click of a button – ClassPass.

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ClassPass is a monthly gym subscription service that gives you access to the best New York City fitness studios. For $99 a month, members can take up to 10 classes per month, attending the same studio (or varying studio locations) up to 3 times a month. You can view a list of the studios on their website, or for geographical locations check out their maps on Pinterest!

One of Avenue Form’s favorite features is the ability to put your subscription on hold for a decreased monthly rate of $19 (instead of the $99), with just 3 days notice. This means that if you’re going away for 2 weeks in the middle of a month, and the first and last week are already backed up with planning and playing catch up at work – you can pause your subscription! How nice is that! The other option would be to cancel and reactivate your membership when you’re back, but there’s a $79 reactivation fee so we think the addition of the hold policy is brilliant! No more feeling guilty while you’re sipping pina colada’s on the beach and your bank account is being charged for a gym membership you’re not using.

Not only does ClassPass give you a chance to try the latest fitness trends at a fraction of the cost (it works out to just $9.90 per class), it also gives you the chance to try different studios in different locations, swapping between close to home and close to work at your convenience.

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