ClassPass NYC Reviews: Best Studios by Level

ClassPass NYC Reviews: Best Studios by Level

Class Pass just expanded to London, but we’re still raving about the New York options! With so many classes to choose from, we’ve highlighted a few and organized them by beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts.

 Beginner Workouts

AQUA Studio NY in TriBeCa

 Let the water act as your resistance in this pool workout. Ideal for people looking to start working out or those recovering after an injury or marathon. The facilities are praised for the cleanliness and signature TriBeCa urban-chic look.

Row House NYC

Looking for a low-impact but effective workout? New Yorkers claim that rowing will be the new trend in fitness. Work with instructors to sculpt your body through full-body, core or endurance centered workouts.



Intermediate Workouts

Bikram Yoga Herald Square

New Yorkers love this spacious, clean and generous studio. If you’re already in-shape, you won’t find the heat too overbearing. Then the studio’s welcoming atmosphere will help you explore your flexibility and strength in peace. Perhaps an introduction to Bikram Yoga at Herald Square will keep you hooked for months!

Physique 57

Have you ever admired a dancer’s body? Then try a barre class. These ballet inspired cardio, strength training and stretching will make your body burn and shake. If you want the time to fly by, but with a meaningful workout, try a Physique 57 studio.



Advanced Workouts

Tone House

Are you ready to work? Famous for full-body intense workouts, you’ll leave feeling proud of yourself and wake up knowing that a sore body is a sign of rebuilding muscle. There are chants, explosive exercises and nonexplosive exercises.  If you’re feeling a little intimidated, bring a buddy! Also regulars recommend bringing workout gloves to protect soft skin from the floor exercises.


Flywheel Sports

Motivation comes a surplus in this high-energy boutique.  You’ll move closer to your fitness goals on this stationary bike. Visitors say it’s more difficult than Soul Cycle, so know what you’re getting yourself into. The classes are expensive, but thanks to Class Pass you can manage to try one of the hottest spots in New York. You’ll be worked and it’ll be worth it!

Are you signed up for Class Pass? What are your favorite classes?

Jacqueline Till
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