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Cool Workout Water Bottles

Cool Workout Water Bottles

When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, your workout is good. It’s science. Okay, maybe not science, but something close to that. Going to the gym is so much more than just showing up and doing a workout. Often times, it’s a social event where you meet up with friends, or check out other people and see what the latest gym fashion and accessory trends are. Picking out some cool workout water bottles to use during your sweat session will not only encourage you to drink more water, but will help you look cool doing it!


S’well bottles hit the market pretty recently and have quickly become some of the best workout water bottles you can own. With palettes like teakwood and polka dots, you are sure to find a S’well bottle that fits your personality and lifestyle. The bottle also promises no icky “water bottle” taste and promises to keep your drink cold for the duration of your workout. The stainless steel body ensures accurate temperature for your drinks and also helps prevent any nasty bacteria from accumulating. S’well bottles do run on the more expensive side, about $40 a pop. But hey, what’s $40 for some pretty dope workout water bottle to add to your collection?!


The Contigo AutoSpout Addison is one of the most effective workout water bottles you can buy. This plastic water bottle is totally see-through, with color options like light blue, pink, and purple. The Contigo Addison features a bite-straw that prevents spills while you’re crushing it on the treadmill. The re-usable straw piece allows for easy water consumption and won’t leave you gasping for air the way a traditional mouthpiece might. Plus, this bottle runs for about $15, so you should definitely add this to your workout water bottles.


While you’re wobbling from your tough leg workout, grab a swig from one of the most innovative workout water bottles, the Bobble Sport. This creative design features an ergonomic shape made for easy gripping with sweaty, tired hands. There is also a built-in filter for your water, so no need to panic about any particularly nasty water fountains ruining your stomach during workout time. Lastly, the top to this bottle is secured to the bottle itself, so no worries about dropping the cap mid-step! Grab one of these amazing workout water bottles now for just $11.

Fuelbelt Slice

Runners, listen up. This is one of those workout water bottles that was designed by runners, for runners. Featuring an ergonomic, curved shape with a sleeve for your hand (easy grip) and a zippered pocket for fuel and your keys, the Fuelbelt Slice is an absolute must if you are outdoors and in need of transportable water. Although the color scheme is not the most exciting, the functionality over other workout water bottles simply can’t be beat. Pick up yours today for $20.

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