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Fitbit is releasing new fitness watches including a ‘superwatch’

Fitbit is releasing new fitness watches including a ‘superwatch’



Fitbit is a dominant player in the exercise tracking category, they are due to release some flashy new wearable products in the new year. These range of watches include the Fitbit Charge, the Charge HR, and the Surge, they range from $130-$250.

Fitbit Charge – $130


This watch originally got revoked because it was causing skin rashes, but the new and improved version is back!

The Fitbit Charge tracks physical activity and sleep. It effectively tracks the quality of your sleep based on your movements, it also tracks your steps and the calories you’ve burned in a day. This is a beginners watch that covers the basics, it will provide a work out summary after each work out and it can also be synced with your smart phone to monitor incoming calls. Fitbit claims that it has seven to ten days battery life.

Fitbit Charge HR- $150


The Charge HR is one step up from the Charge, the HR stands for heart rate,  as this product provides a continuous heart rate monitor- this offers a more accurate summary of caloric burn and overall workout. Fitbit claims that it has five to seven days battery life.

Fitbit Surge- $250


The surge sits somewhere between a fitness tracker and a smart watch.The Surge includes GPS, heart rate monitoring, and Bluetooth LE-based call and text notifications, and also supports different workout modes like runs, weight training, or elliptical use. Seven days battery life.

The Charge goes on sale in early November, while the Charge HR and Surge will go on sale early next year.

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