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Five Fleece Leggings for Winter Workouts

Five Fleece Leggings for Winter Workouts

There’s no denying it, winter is upon us. For those who live in New York, we know all too well the way the wind whips through the avenues and up into our lobbies before we can get to the quiet sanctuary of our apartments. Working out in the city in the wintertime takes extra motivation and most definitely extra warmth, so we found the best fleece leggings for winter workouts to keep you as toasty as possible as you cruise through Central Park (or wherever it is you call home!).


If you’re serious about warmth and serious about fleece leggings, Sugoi is the brand for you. A bit on the pricier side ($75), these leggings are worth every dollar. The seamless black tights are lined with the highest quality fleece to keep you warm and dry whether you are walking, running, or hiking. The polyester spandex blend helps wick sweat away while keeping warmth in. Plus, the smart fabric technology moves with your body and conforms to your every curve. Say goodbye to awkward chafing with these fleece leggings.


For those of you who just gawked at the $75 price tag of Sugoi, Champion offers a great, $20 dollar solution. Champion fleece lined tights, sold at Target, offer similar compression and warmth advantages as Sugoi, but for a fraction of the price. Although the fleece and polyester blend are a different quality, these fleece leggings still get rave reviews from runners around the country.


Athleta, the amazing company specializing in workout clothes for women, offers a variety of fleece leggings that are sure to last you for many winters. The $90 fleece leggings are not only great for working out, but thanks to the stylish stitching, allow you to go right from the street to your workout, or from your workout to the street, all while staying warm and comfortable. After all, who likes bar hopping when it’s 20 degrees out? The answer: no one.

Fila Sport

Kohl’s’ activewear line, Fila Sport, has upped its game the past few years and now offers multiple items that are on par with some of the biggest names in athleisure. One of its newer products this year are the fleece leggings that promise to be top quality fleece and polyester spandex blend. For just $25, you have your choice of either heather grey or jet black, but why not get both with an incredible price tag of $25?! Fila Sport fleece leggings are definitely a brand to keep your eyes on.


It’s practically impossible to write a list about any kind of leggings and not include at least one pair of Lululemon leggings. The Toasty Tech II fleece leggings from Lululemon offer stylish stripes, pockets, and cuts, if you’ve got some dough to dish out ($118). The tights are flattering and come in a variety of colors to please your color palatte. Get your credit card ready and order a pair of these fleece leggings and then hit the streets for your best run of the winter!

Do you have a tried-and-true pair of fleece leggings you absolutely love? Let us know! We would love to feature other brands and hear from our readers.

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