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FlipBelt Running Accessory

FlipBelt Running Accessory

running accessory

Any runner knows that holding your phone, ID cards, keys, and fuel can be a challenge. It is even harder to keep track of all of those items while trying to focus on hitting a new personal best time or while simply trying to enjoy a run. The running accessory FlipBelt seeks to solve this major problem by providing a slim, sleek way to carry necessary items during a cardio workout.

What is FlipBelt?

FlipBelt is a running accessory that securely fastens around your waist and has a zippered pocket that provides safe storage for all of the items that are simply too difficult to carry in your hands while running or any other activity that involves intense bouts of movement.

What are the features of FlipBelt?

This running accessory has thought of everything to create the best cardio experience possible for you. FlipBelt is made out of micropoly and lycra to ensure that sweat is wicked away from electronics. Likewise, FlipBelt slips on like a pair of pants: no nasty buckles or fasteners will chafe during your workout. A safety-conscious running accessory, FlipBelt also has a 3M reflective logo and multiple easy-access openings throughout the belt itself. Finally, as one of the easiest running accessories to clean, you can simply throw FlipBelt right into the washer and dryer to get it clean for your next run.

running accessory

How else can I use FlipBelt?

FlipBelt is not solely a running accessory. It can be used in a variety of ways that will make your life run far smoother than with current methods of storage. Unlike an armband, fanny pack, or sports bra, the FlipBelt is bounce-free thanks to its tight yet not overbearing lycra waistband, it is chafe-free, and has a discreet money belt. FlipBelt is also approved to be worn on airplanes and can store medical devices and information for its user. See if your sports bra can do that with the ease and style that FlipBelt can (FlipBelt promises that your sports bra can’t)!

What can FlipBelt store?  

running accessory

Keeping up with the times, this running accessory is compatible with most modern phones. All iPhones since the iPhone 4 will fit in the FlipBelt. The FlipBelt can even store the iPhone 6 Plus with a no-bounce guarantee. The Samsung Galaxy phones since the S3 as well as the Samsung Note 2, Note 3, and Note 4 are promised to be stored with ease thanks to the innovative expansive pocket in this incredible running accessory. Other materials such as keys, ID cards, and medications can be included due to the full-circle zipper pocket that has many access points on the belt.

FlipBelt is the must-have running accessory due to its fashionable style (it comes in every color of the rainbow, including black!) and stress-free usage. The fact that a running accessory can double as storage for events such as concerts or travel makes it even more useful. For only $29, safety, style, and storage can bring you peace of mind for the rest of your running days.

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