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FlyWheel — Stadium Cycling New York

FlyWheel — Stadium Cycling New York

Indoor Spinning and Cycling classes may not be a new concept to most, but FlyWheel NYC has taken the reigns in reinventing it. This workout is for anybody, of any shape, at any age. According to their website, Ruth Zukerman, the legendary instructor and mastermind behind the New York indoor cycling phenomenon, created FlyWheel as a way for participants to achieve something “more” than what would be achieved at a typical indoor spinning and cycling class.

The “experience” of the ride at FlyWheel, ranging from 45 to 60 minutes, includes a individually customized FlyWheel bike. Each bike has the ability to not only set the positions that fit your body and comfort levels, but also includes a controlled “tech-pack.” Each “tech-pack” displays your resistance (“torq), speed (RPM’s), and power output (current and cumulative). This allows you to not only see how you’re performing at all times during the your session, but also to track how you are improving over time. All statistics from your sessions are recorded and made available on your personal account online.

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With over 15 locations in NYC and surround areas, FlyWheel is not one to miss. Class information and reservations can be found on their website, at http://new-york.flywheelsports.com/. The website also features information on FlyWheel instructors, and answer a majority of the questions you may have beforehand. (While you’re at it— check out FlyBarre as well!) The challenges are now endless for achieving your optimal figure!