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Get the Skinny on the Waist Trainer

Get the Skinny on the Waist Trainer

The newest body sculpting craze is here, and it is here to stay: the waist trainer. Although this product is growing in popularity in different fitness markets, many still have some questions about the waist trainer and its characteristics. Take a look at some of these commonly asked questions when it comes to using a waist trainer.

History of the Waist Trainer

The draw of a waist trainer finds its origins in the early 20th century when the hourglass figure was considered the most desirable for a woman to have. Like with most beauty trends, some women began taking this to the extreme and using a waist trainer, which is a corset-like accessory, to make their waists incredibly tiny. There were even specialized types of waist trainers, one of which was called the S-trainer, and pushed out the buttocks while curving the back in order to push out the chest. As time wore on, women gravitated toward less extreme corsets, choosing bras and underwear over the once-popular corset waist trainer.

Reemergence of the Waist Trainer

Women are once again turning to the waist trainer as a body sculpting tool that allows them to achieve a tiny waist, large bum and large chest. The re-emergence of the waist trainer began when celebrities such as Kim Kardashian began speaking out about their use of the waist trainer as a tool to help them shape their bodies. While historically, waist trainers used steel-bound corsets to keep the waist in shape, today’s standards have drastically improved, and latex-bound waist trainers are all the rage. The waist trainer acts as a catalyst in reducing space in the abdomen and moving floating ribs upward to achieve an hourglass figure. The results are semi-permanent based on diet and exercise regimens.

The Dangers of using a Waist Trainer

While using a waist trainer may seem like a no-brainer in order to achieve the much sought-after hourglass figure, there are consequences to using one. The biggest danger of using a waist trainer is it affecting your ability to breathe due crushed lungs. If the waist trainer is even a little too tight, your ability to breathe can be compromised. Likewise, if the waist trainer is worn for an extended period of time (a full 24 hours, or for months at a time), hairline fractures can occur in your ribs and diaphragm, potentially calling for surgery.

It seems like the science behind the waist trainer is still a bit foggy. If you decide to take the plunge and try one, make sure you consult your physician beforehand to get some tips on how long you should wear the waist trainer and how tight the waist trainer should be. However, don’t forget that every woman is beautiful, and that the key to a healthy life lies in a balanced diet and frequent exercise.

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