No Gym? Take out your laptop!

No Gym? Take out your laptop!

Because it’s rainy, or maybe the day it’s too cold, too hot, too early or too late, because we can’t go to the gym, or simply because we like doing exercise at home. Here are 5 best Online Exercise Sites that will help you on those days at home:


1.      Physique57

Burn those extra calories and keep fit with their online workouts. You can choose paying per video or a monthly unlimited membership to workout anywhere, anytime.


2.      Crunch Live

The gym best known for its cutting-edge classes is now online with a growing library of +35 workouts inspired by the most popular classes of the gym, including yoga, pilates, kick butt cardio, hip-hop, strength training and more.


3.      Daily Burn

With streaming workouts from elite trainers available any time on any device, with 1 month free trial.


4.      Wello

Now you can work out with an on line live trainer over 2-way video from anywhere in the world, you can even do it with a group of friends and do it more fun!


5.      BeFit

You can get on YouTube, as always our savior, free, high-quality workouts with top fitness trainers like Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks Jr., Scott Herman, Samantha Clayton, Garrett Amerine, Rainbeau Mars, Bryan Tanaka, Sadie Nardini, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Envy Girls, Kym Johnson, Tara Stiles, and many more. Try their 90 day BeFiT in 90 workout system, or any of their 30 day systems to shed extra pounds and target problem areas.

It’s easier getting Wi-Fi than a gym membership, right? Now you have no excuses! Start exercising from home sweet home, advantage? You already have close the fridge.