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Gyms in the city that are budget-friendly and good quality!

Gyms in the city that are budget-friendly and good quality!

In New York City it can sometimes seem like your new years resolution to get fit and healthy is being stopped by your wallet and lack of money tree to pay for a health club membership. Well no need to keep hunting for the elusive money tree – Avenue Form has rounded up our top 5 budget friendly and worth every penny gyms in NYC!

  1. Synergy Fit Clubs
    With various locations around the city, Synergy Fit Clubs has a location and a price structure to suit you. While not all locations have classes, some are 24 hours and you’re sure to find one to suit what you’re after!
  2. Planet Fitness
    These folks must be magic. Just $10 down, $10 a month no catches? Don’t question it. Just believe it.
  3. Bally Total Fitness
    With most low-budget gyms you have to forego the hip-shaking moves of the latest Zumba-like craze, not so at Bally! All classes are included in the monthly membership and for a small fee, you can get access to all their locations!
  4. Lucille Roberts
    Classes? Check. Low price? Check. No hidden registration fees? Check! Lucille Roberts is a no-fine print gym with affordable prices and great classes!
  5. J’s Big Gym
    This is the perfect gym for those days when you want to get your latest tattoo done, but don’t want to miss out on your daily gym sesh. Two birds with one stone!

Know of other great, easy on the budget gyms and health clubs in NYC? Let us know in the comments!