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Hot Vinyasa Yoga NYC

Hot Vinyasa Yoga NYC

Add some heat to your workout routine with hot vinyasa yoga NYC! Hot vinyasa yoga refers to a smooth flow of yoga poses that are held for brief periods of time before “flowing” into the next pose, giving your body a full workout and a satisfying stretch! The “hot” part of hot vinyasa yoga NYC is usually between 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit, with some advanced classes reaching above 100 degrees. The heat allows your mind and body to calm and your muscles to relax, allowing you to sweat out the toxins as well as reach your full potential during the vinyasa flow.

Pure Yoga

Featuring two locations – one on the Upper East Side, one on the Upper West Side – Pure Yoga offers plenty of steamy options to get your body moving. Power Vinyasa, Hot Homegirl Yoga, and Hot Power Yoga are only some of this studio’s hot vinyasa yoga NYC options. The studio is membership-based, which means you must purchase a membership to participate. Pure Yoga’s studio is modern with hints at a simpler lifestyle, such as all wood floors and gurgling rock fountains. Bring your open mind to this hot vinyasa yoga NYC studio the next time you get the chance!

Prana Power Yoga

Prana Power Yoga, which sits proudly in Union Square, offers several hot vinyasa yoga NYC classes such as 60-minute Hour of Power and Heated Hatha. For the affordable price of just $18, drop-ins are welcomed and highly encouraged. Clean wood floors complemented by brick walls and dim lighting combined with the relaxing warm temperature will allow you to have the ultimate hot vinyasa yoga NYC experience.

Y7 Studio

This Brooklyn-based hot vinyasa yoga NYC studio comes with a tight-knit community and dedicated staff of yogis. Classes feature a maximum of 10 participants, and each class is $20. There is an available unlimited monthly pass that goes for $99 as well. Featuring unique classes such as the candlelit hot vinyasa flow, Y7 Studio seeks to help yogis of all levels find their inner balance. Options such as private classes are available as well.

Bikram Yoga Harlem

For those of you who live Uptown, consider giving Bikram Yoga Harlem a try. Although it is not a vinyasa flow, Bikram yoga is similar to hot vinyasa yoga NYC studios in that it follows a breathing pattern and also features a set of poses designed to relieve tension and stressors that have built up in the body. For $20, you can enjoy an introductory class, or commit to a full month of this great studio for $100.

Earth Yoga

Earth Yoga, located on East 61st Street, features hot vinyasa yoga NYC style, with a clean studio and classes that are capped at 25 participants. However, it has been said that at non-peak hours, classes can have fewer than 10 participants, a glorified rarity in hot vinyasa yoga NYC classes. Classes are $29 each, or $195 per month. The studio aims at reconnecting yogis to Mother Earth, decorating the studio with Buddha statues and using rich, earthy tones and warm temperatures to calm the mind and ease the muscles.

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