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In Home Personal Training NYC

In Home Personal Training NYC

It can be such a hassle to leave home to head to the gym. It takes time, motivation, and patience to navigate the trafficked streets of NYC just to get some exercise. This can be especially tiresome if you are rushing to beat the gridlock in order to meet up with your personal trainer at the gym. Instead of continuing through this hectic vortex, check out these in home personal training NYC options. Convenient, motivating, and huge time savers, these services may be right for you.

Type A Training

The self-proclaimed “fitness for overachievers,” Type A Training is an in home personal training NYC company that aims to provide you with 30-45 minute full body circuit workouts that you can do in your own home, with a personal trainer, no matter how small your apartment is. Type A Training suggests that it is perfect for executives, athletes, actors, and parents on the go. A unique feature of this in home personal training NYC company is that is also offers personal training sessions in nearby parks, should you want to add some fresh air to your personal training sessions. Personal training goals can range from accountability to core stability to flexibility. The choice is yours with Type A Training.

BeneFit Personal Training

BeneFit is an in home personal training NYC option that allows you to get in a workout with a trainer at your home or office. The goals of BeneFit are to help clients understand the fundamentals of exercise and good nutrition, to establish short-term and long-term fitness goals, and to suggestion lifestyle changes that can drastically improve the quality of one’s life both in and out of the fitness realm. This company started in 1994 and currently operates in NYC, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington DC, and Virginia.

Fitness on the Go

Fitness on the Go understands what it is like to live in Manhattan. In a word, it is “hectic.” This company is an in home personal training NYC service that covers all of Manhattan, and brings the Manhattan-based trainer right to your home. The benefit of having a Manhattan-based trainer is that scheduling is incredibly easy and your trainer will have more flexible hours. Fitness on the Go also offers a pre-training consultation before your first session to help you set your goals, expectations, and to discuss nutrition.

What does In Home Personal Training NYC cost?

Money is always on the minds of New Yorkers, probably because they know firsthand how much dough one needs to fork out just to make a living in NYC. Today, New Yorkers are in luck. In home personal training NYC is an extremely affordable option, often times costing less than a gym membership. Most hour-long sessions go for $65, which, when added up over 25 sessions, is slightly less than what you would pay to go to the gym, but with far less hassle and far more peace of mind.

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