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Indoor Rock Climbing: America’s Most Epic Courses

indoor rock climbing

Indoor rock climbing is currently one of America’s fastest growing sports, and it is easy to see why. Indoor rock climbing provides a total body workout, especially the core and upper body, as well as challenges the mind to create efficient routes up the rock wall. Likewise, rock scaling can be done in all weather, thanks to its indoor facilities. To round out your experience, many of the indoor rock climbing wall gyms also have lifting and cardio equipment as part of a balanced fitness regimen. Finally, rock climbing gyms foster positive communities for those who are both new and experienced, young or old. The United States is home to some of the most incredible indoor rock climbing facilities – see for yourself!

Vertical Endeavors indoor rock climbing

Vertical Endeavors was founded in 1992 and has multiple indoor rock climbing facilities across the country. In 2013, Vertical Endeavors opened what is the largest indoor rock wall in America – more than 45,000 square feet of space to climb – in Glendale Heights, Ill. Glendale Heights is right near the Chicago area, and urbanites are frequent customers looking to get away from the un-scalable walls of skyscrapers. Although there are other locations built by Vertical Endeavors in Minnesota, Glendale Heights is the holy grail of its four locations. It even offers classes for beginners and more technical climbers alike for prices ranging from $20 to $50. Whatever your level of experience or interest, you will have nothing but fun at Vertical Endeavors.

Central Rock

With over five different locations across Massachusetts, and one in Connecticut, Central Rock gyms offer over 28,000 square feet of climbing space as well as fitness and yoga classes. The multi-colored rock walls and grips create a fun atmosphere for all involved. Central Rock even entices newcomers to take a turn at rock climbing with fun community events such as “Rocktober Fest,” which has competitions and challenges for all levels of climbers complete with prizes! Members of Central Rock gyms are allowed free access to the yoga and fitness classes offered, and non-members can pay a minimal fee of $10 to join in on a class. Central Rock is the ultimate destination for fitness of the mind and body!

indoor rock climbing                                   indoor rock climbing

 High Point Climbing and Fitness

Located in downtown Chattanooga, Tenn., High Point Climbing and Fitness adds a twist to traditional indoor wall climbing by adding an outdoor element. Due to the usually lovely weather in Chattanooga, High Point constructed outdoor routes to the glass walls of their gym so that athindoor rock climbingletes can enjoy the safety and fun of rock wall climbing with the beauty of the outdoors. High Point also offers specialty rooms such as a “Bouldering Room,” the “Wave Wall,” and a “Kid’s Zone.” Like the other gyms explored in this article, High Point has a second floor that is dedicated entirely to group fitness classes, saunas, locker rooms, and yoga studios to round out your climbing experience.

Indoor rock climbing walls are trending all over the country, especially in urban coastal areas. While at first glance the steep walls and small handholds may seem intimidating, all of the gyms stress a no-pressure, experimental environment in which all levels of athlete are welcome. If you are looking to delve into a workout that will give your mind, body, and soul a fantastic workout and provide you with a built-in community, then indoor rock climbing is for you. What are you waiting for – go find the gym closest to you and get started on the fun! 

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