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Maintain your New Year Fitness Resolution

Maintain your New Year Fitness Resolution

Now that the thrill of New Year’s Eve has passed and the champagne has been drunk, it is time to check in with yourself and see how loyal you really are to your New Year’s resolution. New Year fitness is incredibly important to maintain throughout the entire year as it can profoundly impact the rest of your life. Keeping those seemingly “pointless” New Year fitness resolutions can lead to big improvements in your mental and physical health. Check out some ways to stay motivated as January comes to an end!

Focus on the small successes

Making a big goal, like losing a large amount of weight throughout the year, can often seem intimidating. One of the best ways to stick to new year fitnessyour New Year fitness resolution is by celebrating each small success, like losing one pound. It is far too easy to become too focused on achieving the bigger goal, and forgetting that success is a journey, and that each pound (at least in this case) contributes to the bigger picture in a tremendous way.

Get a friend in on the fun! 

New Year fitness is a thing to be shared. Encourage a friend or loved one to join you on a fitness journey. Whether it be a promise to both workout a certain number of times a week, or to both attend fitness classes together, completing your New Year fitness resolution with a new year fitnessbuddy can make things much more fun. Other fun friend fitness goals can be to introduce healthy recipes to each other each week, or for you both to test a new workout program for a month and then compare opinions. The options are endless!

Have an event to plan for

Having an event to set your sights on can drastically improve your motivation levels when it comes to New Year fitness goals. Events like half marathons or cross fit competitions give your mind something to focus on each and every workout, and it gives your body the opportunity to hone its skills and abilities for a specific event. Plus, it has even been said that by registering and potentially paying to take part in an event, you are far more likely to follow through with it than if you mindlessly workout with no goal in mind.

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Spread your New Year fitness on social media

Let people know how well your year has started by posting about your New Year fitness resolutions. Instagram a picture of yourself crushing a workout, or Instagram a picture of a healthy post-workout meal that you absolutely love. You can shoot off a Tweet about new year fitnessheading to the gym (be sure to tag @AvenueForm) in the hopes that it will inspires others to do the same. Keep your Facebook friends in the loop by posting statuses about your progress. By keeping your friends in the loop, you will receive the encouragement and positivity needed to make this New Year fitness last all year long!


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