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Make New Years goals and stick to them!

Make New Years goals and stick to them!

Imagine this, Christmas is over you’re rapidly approaching the new year and you find yourself saying “I’m gonna get fit next year.”, or something mildly related to making changes for the better when it comes to diet and exercise?

Now, who has actually stuck their new years fitness resolution out? Maintaining these goals in long term is so much easier in theory.

1) Setting Goals

Firstly and most importantly you have to decide what your goals are going to be. Goals matter. Setting the right goals, having a plan to reach those goals, and following through on what is required to reach or maintain those goals is extremely important. It’s also good to remember to set goals that are realistic for you. Something that you know you will be  able to incorporate into your current lifestyle, whether the goals be fitness, diet related or otherwise. You can’t get into something that is impossibly different from what you’re already used to, be realistic when setting your goals. Break them down, if it’s weightloss you desire, don’t look at the big picture, celebrate the small victories too. You lost 2 pounds last month? That’s great! Breaking down your goals will help keep you enthusiastic.

2) Visualize your goal- make them clear!

Whatever it is you wish to achieve, whether it be weight loss, muscle gain or just general wellbeing, you can’t let this goal be too general. It needs to be something you are able to clearly visualize.

You want to think about your exact goal, how much weight do you want to lose? What clothing size would you like to fit in? It needs to be something tangible. Use how you will feel once you reach your goal as motivation!

3) Believe in yourself!

It may sound incredibly cliched, however there is value in having the confidence in order to fuel your dedication. Don’t let your thoughts hold you back. You may have hard days and may start making excuses, don’t! You have to keep believing in your ability to succeed before you can actually succeed.

4) Commit

The step between visualizing your goal and seeing it in action is the toughest. If you have never been particularly into working out every day and eating super healthily all the time, the idea is going to be so daunting that you’re likely to quit within the first few days. That is of course unless you are committed, you need to get into the mindset and the rest will happen with much more ease.

5) Get some structure

To avoid breaking away from your fitness goals, you’re going to need some structure. There are many mobile apps and resources to be found online that can assist you through the journey. They are able to help you with nutrition and exercise, you just need to find one which is a good fit for your meeting your goals. You can start planning ahead and setting your goals along the road. The importance of structure and routine cannot be stressed enough.

6) The power of now

Now is the best time to start. No more “I’ll start on Monday.”- Slipped up a little? Get back to it, you are not perfect, but it’s important to do the best you can! Rearrange your priorities and decide what is the most important.

Every day, you can put in a little extra to accomplish your goal. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as effortless success and you are going to need to be patient. You’re going to get there if you want it enough!

7) Push through

Starting will be difficult. That initial push is going to make all the difference. It’s that push that is going to get the whole plan into motion.

8) Establish a habit

This is a very simple point, but it needs to be addressed. Make it a part of your everyday. It needs to be a lifestyle change.

9) No more excuses!

As above. You need to make the changes, stop making excuses about being tired or not having time. These goals are not going to realize themselves if you don’t actively make the changes yourself. It’s going to happen, you may need to be patient, it will take some effort, but if you want it and work towards it, it’s yours!

Are you ready? 

You are going to start taking your small steps, drawing out your bigger goal. What’s going to motivate you to keep going? Bring you up when you feel you’re not making progress? There are going to be those days, but you have to know that everything you do is for the better. Acknowledge those small accomplishments.

Now get out there!

What’s your New Year fitness goal? Tell us in the comments!

via Bodybuilding.com