Which NYC Gym Should You Use?

Which NYC Gym Should You Use?

Fitness is all the rage in Manhattan, but deciding where you’re going to be working out at is a very hard dilemma to face. With a plethora of gym options; Crunch, Equinox, and ClassPass seem to be the most popular among people willing to spend within the midrange to high gym prices.

“All different in their own ways, but all similar in the fact that they cost an arm and a leg, that same arm and leg that you’re trying to tone up at their gym facilities.”

Anywhere from $90 to $200 a month, these three gyms all offer a ton of amenities, making your costly monthly payment something to justify. From an all Kiehl’s product spa/bathroom at Equinox to the superabundant options through ClassPass, your gym should suit you and everything you want.

Let’s start with Crunch, decked out with a rock climbing wall and juice bar this nyc gym is a great choice for someone who is down with spending a fair amount, but not wanting to shell out the big bucks. This gym has a steam room and sauna, including towel services in both the men’s and ladies completely renovated locker rooms. With a monthly cost as low as $92 dollars a month and 13 locations across Manhattan, Crunch is definitely a great gym for the right person.


Equinox, known as the gym of models and celebrities, is most definitely the most sought after NYC gym, but this comes with a very high cost. With a starting membership costing around $175 a month and 25 locations in Manhattan alone, this gym is only for the motivated and very experienced. Equinox is equipped with everything you could imagine and more, including but not limited to depending on your location: sauna, spa, steam room, every class imaginable, tons of cardio, and every possibly work out in between. Every Equinox facility is worth the money spent to join, but only if you are dedicated and actually use it!

For the gym goer that likes to spice things up and try all sorts of new work outs, ClassPass is definitely for you. With more than 200 different gyms and class boutiques participating in this new work out phenomenon and the ease of being an app, ClassPass is definitely one to consider. The only drawback is when reserving a class, you must go because you will be charged $15 for not showing up. And you’re limited to visiting one studio three times a month, which encourages members to test a variety of boutiques. This workout experience is one to try with every spinning class imaginable and yoga, pilates, and barre right at your fingertips. For $125 a month, ClassPass is a great deal.

New York City is definitely a gym-goers paradise with so many awesome workout opportunities! The only thing harder than the muscles you’ll be getting very soon is making the decision on which gym to use! Check out the three gyms talked about here via the links provided and the gallery below and let us know where you like to work out and why!


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