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NYC Intramural Sports

NYC Intramural Sports

Moving to the city, or even after living there for years, can still have its moments of social isolation. Funny how in a city of nine million people, it can somehow be difficult to find a social outlet, especially if you are an athlete or former athlete. One of the best ways to rekindle both your social and athletic flames is to join some NYC intramural sports leagues. There is no shortage of them and they can be as competitive or as relaxed as you choose. Let’s explore!

Zog Sports

Zog Sports epitomizes the true spirit of NYC intramural sports and the hardworking persona that all New Yorkers seem to have. Zog Sports was founded by Robert Herzog after 9/11 with the vision of rebuilding the community feel of New York City. He wanted people to have a reason to connect, to laugh, and to be active in a safe place. Since its inception, Zog has enticed thousands of young professionals to sign up for its leagues in basketball, bowling, dodgeball, softball, football, hockey, kickball, soccer, volleyball, and whiffle ball. What makes Zog Sports so special is that at the start of the season, each team selects a charity to play for. If the team wins, Zog donates to that charity. So far, over $1 million has been donated. Targeting young professionals, Zog Sports knows that money can be tight in the city, and fees for their NYC intramural sports are an affordable $30-70.

New York Urban Professionals Athletic League

These NYC intramural sports are no joke. The New York Urban Professionals Athletic League (let’s just call it the NYUPAL) fields over 2,500 teams in a year for basketball, volleyball, and, new this year, soccer. Basketball and soccer are co-ed, and volleyball is separated into men’s and women’s. These NYC intramural sports get intense, with divisional playoffs and championship games. Last year, the NYUPAL was voted the number one league in America for intramural volleyball. Also geared at young professionals, it is $125 per season for an individual to enter or $15 per single open play game. Easy to afford, and even easier to make friends.

United Sports League

For an NYC intramural sports league that is more geared toward all ages, United Sports League provides flag football, basketball, softball, handball, and volleyball leagues. One of the best parts of the United Sports League is that games are played in all five boroughs, which means you won’t usually have to take a million different transfers to get to your game. The League does aim to attract more serious and experienced players for its sports, and you can sign up as a team or as an individual. To sign up as a team, fees are around $1,200.

NoPro Sports

NoPro Sports aims to engage employees of non-profit organizations throughout NYC by engaging those colleagues in some good ol’ NYC intramural sports. The league itself is not-for-profit, too. NoPro offers basketball, summer and fall softball, volleyball, dodgeball, and soccer. All teams are co-ed. Aside from some pretty epic games, NoPro also hosts annual get-togethers and BBQ’s.

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