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Running Socks to Try

Running Socks to Try

Not all socks are created equal. If you are a runner, you especially know this to be true. Those cheap cotton socks you can pick up at any grocery store are no good when you want to really enjoy your run. Running socks, a special blend of polyester, cotton, and other wicking fabrics, are a great way to improve your comfort while running as well as your motivation to run. Check out these awesome running socks to try out for your next run!



Feetures running socks are a tried-and-true brand that has been around for quite some time. The company is family-owned and operated in a small town in North Carolina, so you can be sure that each individual sock is getting plenty of attention during the design process. Feetures running socks are unique in that they offer a lip by your heel to prevent your socks from falling down into your running shoes, which is a frequent cause of those nasty blisters. Feetures also offers compression socks alongside its wide variety of running socks.


Swiftwick is another great brand of running socks. The trademark of Swiftwick is their “zero” design, which offers incredibly thin material that still keeps feet warm and dry while out for a run. Conversely, the material also allows feet to breathe when it is hot out. Swiftwick running socks are also recognized as offering some of the most colorful options on the market. From designs like the Captain America socks to just plain neon, these socks will help you stand out in the crowd or in the race!


Stance is a relatively new brand whose claim to fame is their awesomely patterned running socks. While other brands may offer limited edition options or bright colors, Stance socks elevate this to a whole new level with their kooky designs that are often inspired by some of the great running landscapes across the country. Likewise, these sturdy socks are built to last, and are favored among ultra and trail runners.


Running socks by Balega are guaranteed to help cushion your feet for miles on end. These amazing pairs of socks are known for their cushioned soles and helpful lip at the heel to keep the socks from falling down. Balega socks are soft, cushy, and comfortable for any distance. Plus, they are frequently found in neon colors to help you be seen as you crush your workout!

Runners, what running socks do you love? We would love to hear from you!

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