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Sports with the Best Health Benefits

Sports with the Best Health Benefits

An object in motion, stays in motion. However, did you know that some types of motion are better for you than others? While being active on its own is a fantastic way to boost your health, not all sports are created equal. Here, we explore some of the sports with the best health benefits. Check it out to see if your sport made the list!


Swimming, the sport we all care about once every four years (read: the Olympics). Although the general public may only check in on swimming almost every half-decade, swimming is among the sports with the best health benefits due to its low-impact, high-resistance type of training. Swimming has been shown to help with afflictions such as arthritis because movement in the water helps with connectivity in your joints and does not put any pressure the joints commonly affected by arthritis. Swimming also packs an insane calorie-burn punch, offering both immediate and delayed metabolism upticks. Go find a local pool and channel your inner Katie Ledecky today!


Have you ever wanted to feel like a beast in the weight room or gym? Look no further. Weightlifting, whether Olympic or for recreation, makes the list of sports with the best health benefits due to its similar traits as swimming. Weightlifting is also low-impact, high-resistance, which means you will torch fat without damaging your joints. Olympic weightlifting involves movements such as cleaning, jerking, and squatting, while recreational weightlifting provides a solid base for Olympic weightlifting and involves movements such as bodyweight squats, front squats, and shoulder presses. Get off the couch and head to your local gym to get some advice from a trainer on a program that’s right for you!

Cross Country Skiing

Probably not a sport you thought you’d find on the list of sports with the best health benefits, huh? Cross country, or Nordic, skiing, is a fantastic way to change up your workout routine in those harsh winter months. If you live in the Northeast and Northwest, chances are high that there are plenty of cross country skiing trails near you. Equipment rentals are fairly cheap for a daytrip, too. Don’t get too cocky, however, Nordic skiing will get you sweating as you blaze your own tracks through fresh snow. The trick is to get a “glide” going… and also climb some hills, all in your skis. You will torch major calories and strengthen your core, upper body, hamstrings, quads, and glutes in this amazing athletic feat.


Crew, or rowing, is yet another sport we tend to cheer for only when the Olympics come around. Crew, however, is a fantastic cross-training tool for many athletes and more than earns its spot on this list of sports with the best health benefits. Crew, as you can tell from the Olympians, will tone your body and improve your cardiovascular fitness. In the boat, called a “shell,” you sit on a seat that slides backwards and forwards, allowing you to gain momentum that you use to push off and in turn help you to row with more power. Can’t get into a shell anytime soon? No worries. Most gyms have rowing machines that give the same benefits.


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