Best Yoga Classes in NYC- Y7 Studio

Best Yoga Classes in NYC- Y7 Studio

Everyone could use a little motivation. And at Y7 Studio, you’ll find it. Offering one of the best yoga classes in NYC and the most badass decor, Y7 will empower you every work out. It’s a beat bumping, sweat dripping, candelit yoga experience. So clearly, this studio is unique in more ways than one. First, the music. It can range from the Weeknd, to Nicki Minaj, to Stevie Wonder. The studio hosts themed sessions, like Hip Hop Wednesday and Sunday, to please your mind, body and ear. Next, the temperature. Rooms maintain a temperature of 80-90 degrees. In comparison, Bikram studios are kept at 105 degrees. This provides a hot environment without Bikram’s extreme heat and humidity. Finally, the room. The darkness de-emphasizes instructor correction. Perhaps it’s best to try Y7 after a few other yoga classes, so the minimal feedback from artists won’t harm your workout. With these fun elements, Y7 establishes itself as a one-of-a-kind studio.


When asked about her favorite thing about Y7, the artist Chloe stated, ”The fact that every single time I’m practicing at Y7 my greatest challenge is not hopping out of warrior II and getting’ down. Seriously… these beats, vibes and teachers are unparalleled. Those who flow together stay together. The Y7 community is just as committed to involving new yogis as it is dedicated to nourishing our own hip-hop family.” The hip hop inspired yoga began in 2013 and now has three New York locations. Unless yogis want to book a private class, there are two options: the Slow Burn class offering a more precise, focused version of the Vinyasa class. To help with scheduling, there’s a Y7 app. If you’d like to share the name of your favorite artist, or any other input about Y7 please share in the comments section!


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