Thanksgiving Portion Control

Thanksgiving Portion Control

Thanksgiving is arguably one of the best holidays of the year. It combines family, friends, and good food… what could be better than that?! The answer is very, very little. However, Thanksgiving can bring feelings of stress and anxiety for others who are concerned about holiday weight gain. Ensuring a healthy weight over the festive season all begins with Thanksgiving portion control. Check out these simple and discreet tips for having a happy holiday while working on your Thanksgiving portion control.

Keep your Blood Sugar Steady

To prevent dinnertime bingeing, don’t starve yourself in anticipation of the feast that is to come later in the day. The reason we so often feel like we could eat an entire horse by the time Thanksgiving dinner rolls around is because our blood sugar levels control how much ghrelin Thanksgiving portion control(the hormone that makes you feel hungry) is released into our body. Lower levels of blood sugar indicate that we should eat, thus releasing ghrelin. The longer we go without eating, the more ghrelin that is released.

To help with that Thanksgiving portion control when you finally do sit down at the table with your loved ones, eat some small, healthy snacks every couple of hours from the time you wake up to the time dinner is served. Some examples of those include apple slices dipped in 2 Tbsp. honey, one serving of pretzel thins, or a handful of unsalted nuts. Any of these snacks will provide your body with healthy sugars and fats that are sure to keep your blood sugar levels in check. By the time the feast is served, you will have impeccable Thanksgiving portion control because you won’t be quite so crazed with hunger.

Thanksgiving portion controlYour Eyes are Hungrier than your Stomach

It is a known fact that when our eyes see delicious food, we suddenly think we could or should eat all of it. Our stomach, however, often disagrees. This Thanksgiving portion control goes beyond the plate and into our minds.

It is so tempting to take heaping helpings of all the goodies such as sweet potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and, of course, turkey. We tend to pile our plates so high because what we see looks just so darn good. By pausing for an extra second to consult with our stomach, we can use this Thanksgiving portion control to let our stomachs dictate how much we should eat instead of relying on our eyes to tell us how much of grandma’s stuffing to put on our plate.

Keep your Plate Small

Simple math: if we have less room to put food onto our plate, we will put less food onto our plate. Grabbing a salad plate instead of a dinner plate can do wonders for Thanksgiving portion control. By switching out a dinner plate for a salad plate, you will automatically place less food on your plate, and probably still feel full after finishing your servings.

Thanksgiving portion controlLikewise, this is a discreet way to do some active Thanksgiving portion control. It is highly unlikely that anyone will even notice you are using a smaller plate, and if they do, you can encourage them to do the same and start a health movement at your Thanksgiving.

Go grab your turkey, stuffing, and potatoes without fear. This Thanksgiving is bound to be one of your best and healthiest thanks to the Thanksgiving portion control tips.


Have Other Ideas?

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