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The Best NYC Barre Classes

The Best NYC Barre Classes

Are you sick of your standard yoga and Pilates classes? Changing things up every so often is a great idea in order to keep your mind and body fresh. However, it can be hard to find worthwhile classes to trek to in New York City. If you are at your wit’s end and are looking for a positive change in your workouts, check out the best NYC barre classes, listed below. Barre is a workout whose name comes from the physical bar used by ballet dancers to achieve flexibility, stability, and strength.

Physique 57

Physique 57 has four locations in New York City alone, not to mention the studios in the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, Dubai, and Bangkok. These guys are legit, and host to some of the best NYC barre classes the city has to offer. The mantra of Physique 57 is “Efficient. Effective. Fun.” The studio also promises that you will see a more toned body and happier mind in just eight consecutive workouts. Within the category of barre exists sub-categories for you to choose. Some classes focus more on strength while some focus more on balance and cardio. Any of the options rank as some of the best NYC barre classes available, so you really can’t go wrong.


FlyBarre is the sister fitness group to Flywheel, a high-intensity spinning class offered in New York City and around the country. FlyBarre gives you the option to jump off your bike and get right into some strength work in one of the best NYC barre classes available. While FlyBarre does not offer specified different barre classes, the studio notes that it frequently changes up its barre routines to keep athletes engaged and excited.

Bar Method Soho

Ranked as one of the best and hardest NYC barre classes, Bar Method Soho offers a clean, elegant, welcome space for all of its barre classes. Most classes are “mixed level” classes, meaning you can be a beginner or super experienced and still get a great workout. There are some “level” classes – to advance to Level Two, one must complete 30 mixed level classes. A true NYC studio, Bar Method Soho understands you have a crazy life, so the studio offers classes as early as 6:30 a.m. and as late as 7:30 p.m. Head over to Soho to check out one of the best NYC barre classes and change it up!

Xtend Barre

Located in trendy Brooklyn, Xtend Barre seeks to blow you away with one of its NYC barre classes. Xtend looks to defy traditional barre norms by combining real ballet and dance movements along with Pilates for a graceful, flowing workout. The studio itself offers three classrooms, all with plenty of windows and sunlight. Over 50 classes are offered a week, and the studio is conveniently located near Borough Hall subway station for quick coming and going.

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