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The Coolest Fashion Sneakers You Can Also Use to Work Out

The Coolest Fashion Sneakers You Can Also Use to Work Out

Feel good, look good, perform good (or “well,” for all you grammar fiends) is a common adage for those trying to get psyched up about a game or a workout. The athleisure and athletics clothing sector has blossomed in the past 10 years to include some highly fashionable outfits (bye, 80’s leotards and leg warmers) that double as high fashion. Today, we take a look at the coolest fashion sneakers that will seamlessly take you from workout to a lunch date with friends.

Adidas Boost

Most people don’t think of Adidas right away when they think high-fashion or performance sneakers. Adidas in the past has labeled itself more a team-sports company, but do not be fooled, some of their best products are the coolest fashion sneakers you will be drooling over. One of these such pairs is the Adidas Boost, most specifically, the Adidas Boost in white. Oh yeah, look at that beauty. The Boost family of shoes comes in multiple different designs, featuring maximalist and minimalist cushioning and high- and low-top options. This all-white shoe is perfect for a pick-up game of basketball, or contrasting with black pants or leggings. Chills over these coolest fashion sneakers!

Nike Roshe

The Nike Roshe is one of Nike’s most popular shoes, and there are even full Twitter accounts out there dedicated to some of the custom designs that you can special order with Nike. The Nike Roshe is perfect for some machine lifting and upper-body work because it offers a comfortably cushioned sole. You may want to hold off on squatting in these shoes (you might just sink into the cushioning!), but these coolest fashion sneakers will make you king or queen of the court if you’re feeling like some basketball, tennis, or volleyball. Likewise, the huge variety of colors and styles means you can find a Nike Roshe that fits your vibe and will take you from the field to fun in a matter of seconds.

New Balance Fresh Foam

Ah yes, New Balance. The company that, for so long, has had the unfortunate label as the “dad shoe” company. You know the ones, the white and navy lace-up shoes your dad probably wore to every peewee soccer game with some starchy white calf-high socks. Oof. Good news, New Balance has earned itself as being among the ranks of the coolest fashion sneakers thanks to a total revamping of its styles over the past few years. The New Balance fresh foam is a shoe that hipsters and athletes alike will absolutely geek out over. With multiple different styles within the Fresh Foam family, New Balance has created one of the coolest fashion sneakers ever thanks to the amazing color pairings (holla at the cream colored ones) that are combined with high-quality cushioning and fabric materials. With a quick shower, you’ll be able to head from your run to the club with no problem.

What are some of the other coolest fashion sneakers we need to know about? Do you have a personal favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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