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The Bari Studio: Hybrid Fitness in NYC

The Bari Studio: Hybrid Fitness in NYC

Whether you’re a professional dancer, athlete, health nut, or fitness enthusiast, Bari has the challenges and results you’re looking for.

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Built around three core elements, Sensory Cardio, Trampoline Cardio, and Muscle Sculpting, this workout will push your limits while leaving you slim, toned, and sculpted. Designed by studying different types of forms from dance, pilates, and yoga to sports and agility training and martial arts, Bari transforms your body to overcome weaknesses while targeting smaller muscles you didn’t even know existed. Bari’s toning method makes sure to sculpt muscles from every angle, making sure that larger muscles won’t bulk up.

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Having been used to deliver results to professional athletes and celebrities, Bari caters to your preferences. If you’re new to Bari, you can opt to take a Private class to get started, join a more intimate “Team Bari” class with a group of up to 5 friends, or jump right in to the Group classes.

For your big day, Bari offers personalized “Bari Bride” classes, which are offered in both private sessions, classes and nutrition services for record time results, or group events for you and your Bridesmaids.

Bari also offers “Bari Kids” which combines dance, gymnastics, and games to keep young kids active with basic warm-up, cardio, organized games and freestyle dance.

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Ready to improve your body? Find out more information about Bari on their website, and get started on your transformation today!

They’re located in TriBeCa in NYC, and have areas in Long Island, New Jersey, and California!