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TV Show Workout Games!

TV Show Workout Games!

We all remember the college days, where you’d sit down in front of a TV Show and have a set of rules, each with a number of drinks attached. Things like “Take a sip whenever Phoebe does something stupid”. Well now there’s a whole new, healthier way to play along with your favorite TV shows – with workouts!

The premise is similar, different common occurrences on the show require you to do a different workout.

Here are our top 5 TV Workout Games!

1. The Big Bang Theory
big bang theory tv workout game
*Everytime Sheldon says ‘bazinga’ – 15 squats
*Everytime Sheldon knocks on a door – 20 crunches
*Everytime Leonard complains about Penny – 30 jumping jacks
*Everytime Raj and Howard fight – 15 lunges
*Everytime Sheldon recites a fact – 35 jump ropes
*Everytime Sheldon refers to his childhood issues – 75 punches
*Everytime they make fun of Sheldon – 15 reverse crunches
via Nerdy Girl Fitness

2. Pretty Little Liars
pretty little liars tv workout game
*Start with High Knees duing the theme song
*When someone gets kissed – 10 lunges on each leg
*A text from A – 20 sit ups
*The words “Ally’s Murder” are uttered – 10 jumping jacks
*Someone cries – 10 squats
*Someone tells a lie – 10 reverse crunches
*Hanna talks about shopping – 10 plie squats
*Hanna shops – Plank until she’s done
*Anyone uses their cellphone – 5 squats
*Commercial breaks – jog in place
via All Women Stalk

3. The Bachelor
the bachelor tv workout game
*Someone cries – 20 windshield wipers (10 on each side)
*A date is turned into an analogy for falling in love – 20 jump lunges
*One of the girls talks crap about another girl behind her back – 10 burpees
*A rose is given – 10 sets of mountain climbers
*The Bachelor puckers up – 20 bicycle crunches
*Someone mentions that “they’re falling in love” (or other variations) – 10 V up crunches
*You decide you’d be the best match for the bachelor – 20 frog hops
via Pumps and Iron

4. Dr. Who
doctor who tv workout game
*Someone says ‘Doctor’ – 10 jumping jacks
*Someone utters ‘run’ – 15 squats
*’Eliminate/Exterminate’ is said – 10 push ups
*Someone gets in or out of the Tardis – 10 bicycles
*Tardis sounds – 20 crunches
*Sonic Screwdriver used – 10 crunches
*Someone time or space travels – 10 v-ups
*The Doctor talks to the Tardis – 10 push-ups
*An alien in natural form or dalek is on screen – Wall sit until the scene is over
via elle182 on Tumblr

5. Generic Commercial Workout!
tv commercial workout game
*Car Commercial – jog in place until the commercial ends
*Fashion/Shopping Commercial – 30 crunches
*Food/Restaurant Commercial – 30 jumping jacks
*Jewelry Commercial – 20 squats/lunges
*Travel Commercial – Plank for the entire commercial
*Health/Beauty Commercial – 20 hip raises
*Movie Trailer – 30 russian twists
*PSA – 10 leg lifts on each side
*Fitness Commercial – Exercise of choice
*Misc – water break