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The Ultimate TRX Classes NYC

The Ultimate TRX Classes NYC

TRX, or total body resistance exercise, is all the rage right now in the fitness world. Gain defined muscles and strength while carving out some solid self-confidence… who wouldn’t want to start a program like this!? TRX classes NYC are becoming more and more popular and accessible as this fitness regimen continues to gain notoriety.

TRX was created by Navy SEALs as a way to use their body weight and gravity to maximize their training, especially when normal fitness equipment was not always accessible. Using simple yet durable straps that include hand grips, TRX makes exercising in small spaces, such as those tight NYC studio apartments, easy and fun.

Take a look at these TRX classes NYC for a top-tier TRX experience that is closest to your neighborhood!

Fit RxN

Fit RxN, or Fit “Reaction,” is located at 33 West End Avenue in NYC’s Upper East Side. Fit RxN promises to help you achieve your desired level of fitness with a variety of fun, fast-paced fitness options. One of these options is multiple TRX classes NYC for varying levels of TRX athletes. Taught by engaging and enticing instructors, Fit RxN gets great reviews from those who have taken both classes and individual training sessions at this fantastic fitness studio.

TRX classes NYCTRX classes NYC

Flex Studios

Located right at one of the main hubs of NYC, Uni    on Square, Flex Studios promises the ultimate TRX classes NYC experience. With separate TRX training rooms equipped with TRX straps and top-rated workout music mixes. With a semi-cushioned floor and plenty ofwindows, Flex Studios aims to create the best possible TRX experience for you. They even offer three levels of TRX training: FlexTRX, which is inspired by Pilates, Flex 30/30, which focuses on isolating different muscle groups, and Flex90, which combines Pilates and barre workouts with TRX.

TRX classes NYC

Nimble Fitness

Another easily accessible TRX gym, Nimble Fitness is conveniently located at 42 E 12th Street, also near Union Square. With 4.5 out of five stars on Yelp, reviewers note that Nimble is clean, bright, and offers intimately-sized classes that are unintimidating to newcomers. Also including special TRX rooms, Nimble Fitness offers an incredible spread of different TRX classes; Yelp user favorites include TRX Kettlebell workouts, which combine TRX straps with weighted kettlebells, TRX Core Strength, which involves emphasis on core strength, and TRX Metabolic Conditioning, which focuses on quick intervals that help to rev the metabolism. These TRX classes NYC give you so many options, it is hard to choose!

TRX classes NYC

With so many TRX classes NYC to choose from, you are sure to find the fitness community that is right for you. Be fearless and try a class that will challenge, and bring a friend! Let us know about your TRX classes NYC experience by tweeting us @AvenueForm !

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