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Vegetarian Athletes

Vegetarian Athletes

Leading a vegetarian life can be surprisingly fulfilling and beneficial to multiple aspects of your daily routine. Many people wrongly believe that it would be nearly impossible to engage in high-energy activities like sports and jobs that require long hours. These vegetarian athletes prove that myth wrong by sharing their tips for a fun, fulfilling, how-powered life. Check it out!

Prince Fielder

Although most know Prince Fielder as an exceptional first baseman for the Texas Rangers, Fielder is also a dedicated vegetarian. Fielder began his vegetarian journey by simply adding more plant-based proteins to his diet, but found he enjoyed the meatless alternatives so much that he simply stopped eating meat. Fielder did not even consult with team nutritionists before making the switch because he was so passionate about continuing his plant-based journey.

Venus Williams

Bet you didn’t think you’d see that name on a list of vegetarian athletes, huh? Williams was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder in 2011 and decide to pursue a vegan diet to help nullify some of the symptoms of her disorder. Williams has said that veganism has improved her energy levels as well as elevated her game and that she does not miss meat at all. If a professional tennis athlete can go vegan, you can too!

Dave Scott

Dave Scott is a world-champion triathlete who won the Ironman World Championships multiple times. Better yet, Scott won all of those titles while pursuing a vegetarian diet, and this was during the 1980s and 90s, before some of the latest information was available about how to structure a vegetarian diet. Scott has continued his vegetarianism throughout his athletic career and is still today a diehard veg-head.

Hannah Teter

Hannah Teter is an American snowboarder who is best known for clinching a silver medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics for snowboard slalom. She also garnered attention for being one of the most successful vegetarian athletes out there. Teter became a vegetarian athlete after watching a documentary about factory farms. Teter is now also an advocate for ending the inhumane practices at factory farms and also advocates the plant-based lifestyle. Like many vegetarian athletes, Teter credits her athletic success with her fulfilling veggie lifestyle.

Mike Tyson

Although people have differing views on Mike Tyson and his personal choices, Tyson is among the most notable vegetarian athletes. Tyson lost nearly 150 pounds in retirement due to his conversion to veganism. Tyson switched to veganism in 2010, but no word on whether or not he still practices it today.

Vegetarian athletes, although small in number, are great testaments to what a plant-based diet can do for the body. With careful research and consultation, you too can lead a fulfilling, vegetarian life!

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