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Victoria’s Secret Model Workouts

Victoria’s Secret Model Workouts

Watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is a spectacle. From the extravagant lingerie and models to the notable musical guests, the show always prompts oohs and aahs from the crowd and those watching at home. As the modeling industry tries to move toward healthfully slender models and not emaciated ones, many are asking, “What are Victoria’s Secret model workouts like?” We are going to answer that today!

Ab Workout

The Victoria’s Secret Angels work with a variety of personal trainers to achieve their bods, and Robert Brace is one of the best trainers in the industry. He has created the 28 Day Challenge for abs, one of the heralded Victoria’s Secret model workouts. Brace’s workouts are one nearly anyone can do, anytime, anywhere. Little to no equipment is required. One of the first steps in this Victoria’s Secret model workouts is a walking inchworm all the way down to a push-up position. Other moves include a kneeling row and squat-shoulder press.

Total Body

Another one of the famous Victoria’s Secret model workouts is this total body workout with celebrity trainer Andrea Orbeck. Orbeck is a former member of the Canadian bobsled team, and is credited with sculpting some of the world’s most beautiful bodies. Her angels include Karolina Kurkova and Doutzen Kroes. This 10-minute total body workout also requires no equipment, and revolves around keeping your feet moving, keeping a tight core and butt, and stay focused during functional movements like donkey kicks, curtsies, and side lunges.


Boxing is one of the more surprising Victoria’s Secret model workouts. Boxing promotes strength training, muscle sculpting, and calorie burning thanks to its highly anaerobic sets of movements. Jumping rope, shadow boxing, and learning to spar are some of model Adriana Lima’s favorite activities. Lima notes that she enjoys boxing because it tones nearly all areas of the body. Gyms such as Gotham Gym in New York City are host to some famous clients such as Gigi Hadid.


Jasmine Tookes, mother of a newborn and wearer of the three million dollar Fantasty Bra in 2016 comments that she likes to stay active and fit year round, but will amp up her workouts to seven days a week about a month before the show (she normally workouts out three days a week). Tookes notes that P90x is her favorite calorie torcher because it keeps things interesting and makes the time go by quickly. Tookes also commented that she loves to do squats, another one of the favorite Victoria’s Secret model workouts among the angels.

While we may venerate the Victoria’s Secret Angels because of their desirable bodies, remember that no matter how you look, you are beautiful. Exercise and these Victoria’s Secret model workouts are for everyone, so give them a try – even if the Fantasy Bra isn’t at stake.

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