What to eat before a workout #TipTuesday

What to eat before a workout #TipTuesday

It is very important that you’re eating right when you’re exercising.

What should we eat before going to the gym? When should we eat it?

We’re here to help you out!

In the three hours before your workout, you’ll want to eat something that helps you:

  • sustain energy;

  • boost performance;

  • hydrate;

  • preserve muscle mass; and

  • speed recovery.

Protein before exercise

  • Can help you maintain and increase your muscle size. That’s important for anyone who wants to improve health, body composition, or performance.

  • Can reduce markers of muscle damage, or at least prevent them from getting worse. The less damage to your muscles, the faster you recover, and the better you adapt to your exercise.

Carbohydrates before exercise

  • Fuels your training and helps with recovery. Ensuring that you have some carbs in your system will improve high intensity performance.

  • Helps increase muscle retention and growth.

  • Stimulates the release of insulin when combined with protein

Fats before exercise

  • Don’t appear to improve nor diminish sport performance

  • Help to slow digestion

  • Provide vitamins and minerals

Your body mass is going to play a big factor in the quantities you will need to be eating.

It is recommended that men need to eat more than women.

If you are a man, your meal should look like this:

If you are a woman, it should look like this:

Source: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/